Taurus Striker TS-9 Pistols Delivered to the Philippine National Police

    The acquisition of 10,000 9x19mm Taurus Striker TS-9 pistols by the PNP – Philippine National Police has finally been confirmed by the Brazilian manufacturer, with deliveries in three batches: 2,000 units in 2018 and the remaining 8,000 examples in 2019. The testing protocol made and carried out by PNP at the manufacturer’s industrial facilities in São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul State, was as follows:

    Two hundred pistols were randomly chosen from each batch, and two of them submitted to the test program, including metrology, trigger pull weight, drops, and shots fired after exposed to mud, sand, and water. That was followed by 20,000 shots being fired, after which the particular batch was approved.

    This is the first confirmed major export sales contract of the Taurus T-series pistols. For some time now, small batches of the weapons have reportedly been donated by the manufacturer to a number o Brazilian Civil and Military Police agencies, but no large acquisition contracts have been recorded.

    A PNP officer firing a TS-9 pistol at one of the manufacturer’s indoor ranges in São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul State. It is reported that 20,000 rounds were fired by three single guns without failures.

    Drop tests recorded by high-speed cameras were part of the Philippines National Police evaluation process.

    Weapons were also submitted to extremely low-temperature environmental conditions, although such is unlikely to occur in the tropical Philippines…

    The PNP markings on a TS-9 delivered to the Philippines.

    Together with the hammer-fired TH model introduced in the market two years ago, the striker-fired TS variant is available both in 9x19mm and .40S&W chamberings, as well as in full-size and compact variants. Construction overall is polymer. The 9x19mm TS-9 as ordered by the Philippines National Police is the full-size version with a 17-round magazine made by the Italian Mec-Gar company. Empty weight is 700 grams, and dimensions include a 108mm barrel, and 196mm length, 152mm height, and 33mm width.

    A longer description of the Taurus T-series pistols and additional photos can be found here: https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/04/17/new-taurus-t-series-pistols/

    Here are the disassembly/assembly procedures for the TS-9, courtesy of Danilo Haggstrom:

    Ronaldo Olive

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