POTD: Tromix .458 SOCOM AK Parts

    Tromix Lead Delivery Systems has published this photo on their Facebook page. The image was accompanied by the following caption: “Production parts for the new Tromix 458 SOCOM AK are coming along“.

    In the photo, you can see an adjustable gas block which will be a handy gadget allowing to tune the action to make the rifle cycle reliably with all kinds of different bullets and with minimum felt recoil. Note also the AK bolt holding the .458 SOCOM cartridge. This should be a modified bolt with the bolt face opened up to .473 to fit the rim of the .458 SOCOM cartridge.

    Earlier, in December 2018, John Sharps of Sharps Bros posted a video showing a 458 SOCOM AK custom built by Tony Rumore, the founder of Tromix.

    I am drooling like Homer Simpson when I think about an AK in .458 SOCOM just for the reason of its overwhelmingly high level of coolness. Would you want an AK in .458 SOCOM? If yes, let us know in what applications do you think such rifle would shine.

    Photo by Tromix Lead Delivery Systems