Federal Premium Syntech Defense deviates from the Norm with their HP

    syntech defense

    Federal Premium has taken their Syntech bullet and technology and applied its properties to a segmented jacketed hollow-point (SJHP) to create Syntech Defense. The unique property of this defense round, other than the encapsulated bullet that typifies a Syntech round, is that this one will segment off into 3 separate pieces upon impact. A central core bullet will likely penetrate 12″ – 18″ while the 3 segmented petals will travel a shorter distance of roughly 6″ in tissue. This creates 4 total wound channels and should stop nearly anything in its tracks.

    At this time, Federal Premium may being diligently working yet to get these rounds to market because they do not have a dedicated website page to further advertise and explain Syntech Defense yet. For now, these are the 3 expected cartridges and grain weights consumers will soon be able to get their hands on:

    • 9mm Luger 138 Grain SJHP | MSRP $19.95
    • .40 S&W 175 Grain SJHP | MSRP $22.95
    • .45 ACP 205 Grain SJHP | MSRP $24.95

    The combination of a cleaner bullet with a segmenting hollow-point is very interesting. You do not see very many segmenting hollow-points in center-fire rounds nowadays, but occasionally in rimfire. Federal Premium goes on to further explain all of the properties surrounding the Syntech bullet and its origins for those who are unfamiliar:

    Federal launched Syntech in 2017 as an answer to conventional ammunition, which causes metal-on-metal contact between the bullet and bore, reducing barrel life. The polymer-encapsulated Syntech bullet prevents this, while eliminating copper and lead fouling. Absence of a copper jacket also minimizes splash-back when shooting steel targets. Combined with specialized clean-burning powders, the technology keeps guns cleaner, longer, so you can shoot moreā€”and shoot better. Finally, the exclusive Catalyst primer provides the cleanest most consistent ignition possible. All those features and benefits are the reason Syntech received the 2017 NRA Golden Bullseye Award.

    syntech defense

    So what do you think? Would you be willing to load a segmented jacketed hollow-point (SJHP) into your everyday carry gun? Do you believe in the efficacy of this new Syntech Defense ammunition? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    syntech defense

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