Black Collar Arms’ Pork Sword Chassis Kit For Remington 700

    Pork Sword Chassis

    Black Collar Arms has introduced their Pork Sword chassis system for the Remington 700 bolt action.  The chassis is designed to be built as a pistol and has a rear Picatinny attachment point for an SB pistol brace.  The Pork Sword chassis is also built to accept AICS pattern magazines.  Black Collar Arms had this to say about the system:

    Black Collar Arms is in production! Our Remington 700 short action-compatible Pork Sword Chassis will be shipping to customers next month. In the meantime we’re taking pre-orders (which, for a couple more weeks only, will come with a free Warfighter Tobacco cigar!) and have now made it even easier for our customers: 

    Intended to provide most of the critical components for your pistol build project, we’ve bundled our 7075 aluminum chassis and 4-slot FARend with an SB Tactical FS1913 pistol brace and the pistol-length barrel of your choice. Then we’ve thrown in one of the best grips available for this size firearm, the ERGO Swift Grip, at no charge.

    With factory stripped actions starting at around $300 and magazines around $28, a complete Pork Sword Chassis pistol is possible for just under a thousand dollars.

    Pork Sword Chassis

    Our $299.99 chassis and $125-$160 barrels are a heck of a deal, but we aren’t stopping at awesome prices. For all of our Builder Kits (and many future items) our customers now have the ability to put 33% down and pay the balance over the next two months. No fees or interest or anything silly like that.

    Off-the-shelf shorty barrels for the R700 aren’t easy to find, so we’ve done the hard work for you. We’re proud to offer 300 BLK, .458 SOCOM, and .308 Win barrels in lengths from 6.5 inches to 12.5 inches and starting at just $125!

    Pork Sword Chassis

    Black Collar Arms’ assortment of .300BLK, .308WIN and .458SOCOM barrels.

    Pork Sword Chassis

    Black Collar Arms stated that the barrels are 4150 constructed.  They also utilize a Savage style barrel nut for an easy caliber swap that they say takes about 15 minutes compared to taking it to a gunsmith.  The chassis also has bolt handle cutouts on both sides of the receiver to accommodate left or right handed actions.  The Pork Sword Chassis kit is available for $664.93. You can check out their Pork Sword Build Page for more information.

    Pork Sword Chassis

    All images are from Black Collar Arms.

    What do you think about this new option for the bolt action pistol concept?

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