ASP Tactical Lighting Tools

    Armament Systems & Procedures (ASP) is well known for their collapsing batons. Did you know they have been making flashlights as well? They started with the Triad light which replaced the end cap of an ASP baton thus turning a baton into a flashlight. 20 years later ASP tactical lighting tools have evolved into a varying array of EDC lights to duty lights.

    ASP EDC Lights

    The original Triad used two CR123 batteries and was incandescent. They have obviously moved away from that form factor and gone with USB rechargeable lights.

    The Sapphire light is a simple key chain light with a built-in carabiner. It is just a mere 20 lumens. It has a 1 hour run time and can shine light out to 26 meters. They retail for $20. The side has an aluminum insert that allows for custom laser engraving as seen below.

    The DOT is a much brighter light than the Sapphire at 130 lumens but only has a run time of 25 minutes. They are $39.95 on ASP’s webstore and come in an assortment of colors.

    The ASP DOT uses a small USB rechargeable battery. You have to remove the head to access the battery charging port.

    ASP Pen lights

    The ASP pen lights run on AAA batteries. The Raven is 140 lumens while the Scribe is 220 lumens. Both have a low mode of 15 lumens for up close administrative tasks.  They are $48 and $65 dollars respectively.

    ASP now has a dual fuel version of their Scribe. It costs a bit more at $85 but has 350 lumens.


    The white dot is a battery level indicator for use with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

    The Scribe DF can use regular AAA batteries or a 10900 Li-ion rechargeable battery.

    The body of the Scribe DF is the charger. Just pull the head forward and it reveals the USB charging port.

    Laser engraved into the body is a cheat sheet for the battery level indicator light.

    • Green = Full charged Battery
    • Yellow = Half charged battery
    • Red = Low charged battery

    ASP Tactical Duty Lights

    A majority of the ASP tactical lighting tools for duty use are dual fuel. They can use rechargeable lithium-ion cells or regular batteries.


    While dual fuel has become commonplace, some of ASPs lights like the Sentinel E3 allows you to use three different cells to power it. A 16430 rechargeable Li-ion battery gives you 400 lumens. If you throw in a CR123 the Sentinel will output 230 lumens. In a pinch, you can use an Alkaline AA battery for 90 lumens. Just like their other lights, the Sentinel is USB rechargeable with a built-in micro USB port.

    The Sentinel E3 is not out just yet but will retail for $95.

    Polymer Duty Lights

    ASP makes a line of polymer duty lights. Polymer bodied lights are lighter and nicer to use in cold or hot temperatures since they do not transfer heat like an aluminum bodied light.

    Their latest Poly DF is a dual fuel light that uses CR123s or a 18650.

    The Poly DF has a removable pocket clip that is also reversible if you want to carry it bezel down.

    The Poly DF is available now for $115 and produces 525 lumens for 3.5 hours or 15 lumens for 122 hours.

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