POTD: M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System (MASS)

    Today’s Picture is a rather odd firearm.

    It has one of the largest charging handles I’ve ever seen, but there’s a good reason for that as you have to push the shotgun cartridge forward to chamber it.

    The M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System (MASS) is the military version of C-More Systems Lightweight Shotgun System (known as the “Master Key”)

    The developer is Ira M. Kay, also known for the C-More red dot sights used by many Open shooters (including myself). I saw him very recently at the IWA exhibition in Germany. Ira’s got quite a few interesting Patents, have a look here for instance.

    In these pictures, it has been fitted with a pistol grip and collapsible stock to act as a stand-alone weapon.

    The caliber is 12 gauge.

    The sights are open indeed.

    It can also be used as an under-barrel shotgun attachment for the M16/M4 family, like this, or stand-alone as pictured.

    The operation is straight-pull bolt-action.

    It comes with a 3 or 5 round detachable magazine.

    The weight is 4 lb 3 oz, about 1.90 kg.

    Here’s a video with the M26 MASS.


    All photos by Thomas Alvarez, Idaho Army National Guard.

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