LSI Citadel’s RS-S1 Shotgun Begins Shipping

    RS-S1 shotgun

    Citadel RS-S1 shotgun (Legacy Sports International)

    Legacy Sports International have announced their Vepr 12-style magazine fed 12 gauge shotgun the Citadel RS-S1 is now shipping.

    Here’s what they have to say about the new shotgun:

    One of the most versatile shotguns to have this year is the new Citadel Semi-Automatic RS-S1 Shotgun, based on the popular AK platform. The RS-S1 is built from the ground up to be a user friendly, hard use shotgun that will perform under the harshest conditions. It is compatible for home defense, recreation, as well as competition use.

    The Citadel RS-S1 shotgun features a gas-operated cycling system that powers the action and provides smooth cycling and lessened recoil of light and heavy loads. The shotgun is available in 12 gauge with 2 ¾” to 3” chambering, 20” barrel, 2 detachable 5 round magazines. The chrome, moly lined barrel is proofed for steel shot and internally threaded Beretta/Benelli Mobil Chokes. The shotguns are equipped with fully adjustable front and rear sights and a full-length picatinny rail located on the dust cover for mounting optics. The RS-S1 also features an enhanced safety lever for one finger use, a large easy to use magazine release, and easy to use bolt hold open and bolt release levers.

    WATCH the Citadel RS-S1 in action!

    Distributors with Citadel’s RS-S1 available are Bill Hicks & Co., Davidson’s, Sports South, and Ellet Brothers.

    The RS-S1 is available in 12 gauge and can chamber both 2 ¾ inch and 3-inch loads. It feeds from 5 round detachable box magazines. It has a chrome lined 20-inch barrel with an overall length of 40 inches and a 14-inch length of pull. The shotgun weighs 8 lbs and comes with a textured grip and forearm and a ventilated rubber butt pad. It comes with a modified choke and can use Beretta and Benelli chokes. It has fully adjustable AK pattern sights and a 12 o’clock Picatinny rail.


    Find out more at LSI’s site here.

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