HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Browning SUPER Hi-Power

    Welcome everyone to our fourth edition of ‘Hot Gat or Fudd Crap?’, one of our many series here on TFB. If you missed any one of our other articles, this is where we look at the most obscure firearms that are actually for sale and ask the question – is this a sweet deal or Fudd trash for real?  Each week the TFB staff weighs in with their thoughts, but readers get the final say in the poll at the bottom of each article.

    In last week’s edition, our poll showed that you, the readers, found the Hood Rich Hi-Point .45 to be a Hot Gat.  

    Despite this narrow victory for the Hi-Point, the gun still remains listed on GunBroker.  We hope someone will choose to adopt it and bring it into their home in the near future.

    In this week’s edition, we try and figure out if a Browning Hi-Power is still cool in .40 Smith & Wesson.  As always, this gun is currently up for sale on GunBroker for $1,495 Buy It Now.  

    HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Browning SUPER Hi-Power

    Let’s see what the Staff had to say about this week’s offering:

    “Riches to Rags in no time flat” – Pete

    “John Moses Browning is going to rise from the dead just to punch this guy in the throat.” – James R.

    “The perfect CCW for weaning grandpa off of his 1911, next stop Glock 17!” – Matt M.

    “10mm fans: “You can’t have Hi Power with the Slow & Weak!”” – Hrachya H.


    Selling this rare Browning on GunBroker is seller ocalasales, located in Ocala Florida.  Usually, this is this part where I show you an over the top, all caps, item description.  This week we have something a little more refined. Here’s what the seller had to say.

    Here is a very nice first year of manufacture (1994) .40 S&W Browning Hi Power. The .40 Cal Hi Power was introduced in 1994 and according to serial number data was only made for Browning for 3 years. I would rate this first year edition gun at about 95%, bluing is excellent, bbl bright, clean and sharp. This gun has had some custom work performed on it. Trigger is lighter and smoother than that on my .40 cal Hi power, I would think that the hammer spring has been changed out to lighten the trigger, as the mag safety is intact. Combat night sights have been added but they are dim. A Cylinder and Slide extended slide stop and extended safety have been added as well a a nice set of slimline Rosewood grips with the Browning logo. This is a really nice example of the very desirable .40 cal Browning Hi Power. Being a first year example further enhances its value for the Browning Collector. Please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected] with any questions. Colt revolver and certain Hi Power trades considered. Payment by USPS M.O. or certified check only. Certified checks will be held seven days by my bank. WATCH! Coming soon very rare alloy frame, that’s right!! Rare lightweight Hi Power coming soon! Certain trades always considered [email protected] NOTICE 2/14/19 PRICE REDUCTION !!!! Price reduced $300.00 Super Deal, BUY NOW

    Now if you’ve been around the handgun community you’ll know that a Browning Hi-Power is a fine handgun. However, in the midst of the late ’80s and early ’90’s the FBI became a little too obsessed with the “stopping power” of the .40 S&W. Simply mentioning things like stopping power, or hydrostatic shock might leave you stranded in an hours-long gun store debate.  

    What you need to know is this. Designed for 9mm, the Hi-Power should have remained in 9mm. Browning making this gun in .40 even for three years is surprising in its own right.  

    All of that aside, the Browning Hi-Power is a beautiful handgun. Early models like this one are some of the best looking semi-automatic handguns ever created. Looks aren’t the only area where the Hi-Power shines. It’s been used by armed forces in over 50 countries and is one of the most widely used military pistols in history. It’s a shame to think its 82-year production run ended in 2017.  

    If you were looking for a Browning Hi-Power safe ornament, this might be the gun for you.  It’s a great looking gun even in the wrong wrong caliber.  Let’s just hope any guests you may have don’t notice that fact.

    In that period after the infamous 1986 FBI Miami Shootout, countless guns would be remade to shoot .40 S&W.  This caliber would remain the focal point for controversy for years to come.  While the Miami Shootout was terrible, I think designing a whole new caliber afterwards was worse.  With modern ammo, I have yet to hear a story where 9mm didn’t have enough power.  Who knows, maybe you have heard that story, and this Browning High-Power is the gun for you.

    So what do you think?  Is this a rare gun that you need to own or would the mere sight of this make John Browning groan?  Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to cast your vote and let us know if this Browning SUPER Hi-Power is a Hot Gat or Fudd Crap:

    Austin R

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