Bullseye Gun & Pawn Employees Thwart Attempted Theft Of Pistols

    Bullseye Gun, Gear and Pawn

    Image from Bullseye Gun, Gear & Pawn's Facebook page

    Employees at Bullseye Gun, Gear and Pawn in Murfreesboro, Tennessee were on the ball when a group of men began looking at pistols with the help of one employee.  The following video from the Liveleak YouTube channel begins moments before the attempted theft.  One of the men was looking at a pistol, while another man standing at the same counter grabbed a gun off the counter and bolted for the front door.  The same employee that had been helping the men leaped over the counter, and at the same time, knocked the gun out of the hand of the man he’d been helping.

    The video above stopped there but that certainly wasn’t the end of the story. The video posted directly on Liveleak.com showed a fuller picture of what unfolded outside as several employees and a customer calmly aimed pistols at the men and held them at bay until the police could arrive. The leaping employee can also be seen escorting the thief back to the store parking lot.  It seems that employees had justification for a heightened level of alertness. According to the Daily News Journal:

    This wasn’t the first time the store had been targeted by thieves, Lane told The Daily News Journal.

    Last week a young man stole two guns from Bullseye, Lane said. He was one of the juveniles arrested Tuesday afternoon. He was charged with theft related to previous gun thefts but not Tuesday’s.

    The “chase and take down” was orchestrated by Gregory, two other employees and a customer, the store’s Facebook post says. No one was hurt, and the store recovered the guns. Officers found two loaded guns in the getaway car, the release says.

    Police arrested four people in connection to the incident.  Evan Bell and J’Darrius Rice and two 17-year-old suspects were all taken into custody.

    Bullseye Guns, Gear and Pawn

    Booking photos of Bell (left) and Rice (right). Image from the Daily News Journal

    It’s been ages since I’ve worked behind a gun counter, but I remember the rule of only having one gun out at a time. Despite that error, in this case, employees made up for the deficiency by apprehending all involved. On Bullseye Gun, Gear and Pawn’s Facebook page, there was a comment claiming that the suspects bond amount was low, but that local bond agents were refusing to work with the suspects.

    What do you think about the incident? Have any of our readers that work in gun stores had something similar happen?

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