Blowout Prices! Hudson Pistols Now On Sale For $599

    Hudson pistols

    The TFB team has spent the last hour mulling over this blowout deal – Hudson Pistols are now on sale for $599 at Before we go any further, I want to make it perfectly clear that this is not an advertisement; I received this email blast just like thousands of other shooters across the U.S. And if I had to guess, most of you reading the announcement had similar ‘roller coaster’ type feelings that we did. “This is a great deal! But Hudson just filled for bankruptcy!”

    Let’s pretend you always wanted an H-9 for its features, but couldn’t stomach the original $1100+ price tag. In that case, this may be an opportunity to own a unique gun you always wanted. Keep in mind that replacement parts, magazines, holsters and a plethora of other potential trap doors await you.

    On the other hand, if you are looking to invest in a rare collectible firearm, the decision tree on whether or not to purchase one of these Hudson pistols gets murky. How many guns were made in total? Will they be coveted as rare in the future? How many years to do have to wait to see a potential increase in value? Is there a chance that Hudson makes a return, the intellectual property and name owned by a new outfit?

    For $599, I, like other members of the TFB staff, have my fingers perched over the ‘Add To Cart’ button. And I still can’t figure out why. I guess it’s a rare occurrence that we get to witness a drawn-out breakup of a hopeful young startup company unfold so publicly. And like vultures we sit, eyeing the last remaining pieces of meat.

    Where do you stand? Details below.

    BLowout Prices – Hudson Pistols Now $599

    The Hudson H-9 is a new take on an old design. This striker-fire 1911 style handgun features a well tuned 1911 style trigger for light and crisp pulls. Comes with one 15rd magazine.


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