Lone Wolf Distributors Work With Police To Solve Credit Card Theft

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    In late February, Lone Wolf Distributors, well known for their variety of custom Glock parts and barrels,  became aware that certain orders had been placed using stolen credit card information. In a recent article on the Lone Wolf company blog, they explained that they filled and shipped ten separate orders for gift cards for a total of $5300. The orders were made with information from eight stolen credit cards. It should be noted that each order was shipped to the same address in Corvallis, Oregon. Mr. Bochen Li was the recipient of the orders.

    Lone Wolf worked with their local Priest River Police Department in Idaho, who in turn worked with the Corvallis Police Department. Lone Wolf had good news following that joint effort:

    Between the combined efforts of our local PD contact (Officer Christopher Davis) and the Corvallis PD, they were able to serve a warrant at the residence and take Mr. Li into custody. He was charged with multiple accounts of “Fraudulent Use of Credit Card” and ID theft. His bail is currently set at $1,050,000.00 bail…! Our hat’s off to the Boys in Blue, but the battle still continues for restitution. While we wait to see how everything shakes out, we are taking steps on our end, to ensure that scumbags don’t have such an easy time of working the system and using our gift cards as a way to perpetrate their scams.

    According to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, Mr. Li was arrested on March 3. The suspect’s information can be seen at  the Sheriff’s Office inmate booking website.

    Lone Wolf Dist victim of credit card fraud

    Bochen Li, suspect of multiple counts of fraud with stolen credit cards. Image from Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

    Where the gift cards ended up or how they were used was not mentioned in the article. My credit card has been compromised several times and I know how inconvenient it can be just as a consumer. Have any of you been a victim of credit card fraud and identity theft? Have any of those fraudulent purchases involved the gun industry?

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