FK BRNO’s New Multi-Caliber Version Of 7.5FK Field Pistol, The PSD

    FK BRNO PSD Pistol

    FK BRNO's new PSD Pistol with folding stock. Image from

    Soldier Systems reported that FK BRNO has developed a polymer framed, multi-caliber version of their Field Pistol, which they unveiled at the IWA 2019 show in Germany. The standard 7.5mmFK model has a steel frame, but TFB’s Rusty reported during SHOT 2019, the company wanted to reduce weight and cost by offering a polymer version. With that new development, comes the ability to switch between 7.5FK, 9mm and 10mm calibers. FK BRNO’s new version is called the PSD Pistol.

    FK BRNO PSD Pistol

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    The PSD Pistol reportedly has an MSRP of around $2,000, which would indicate quite a saving over the Field Pistol’s price of around $8,000. Although $2,000 is still quite a lot for most shooters. Rob Pincus has been involved in the development of the FK BRNO pistols since 2016 and responded to a question about which caliber conversions come with the PSD Pistol. Rob said that the 7.5FK and 9mm barrels are included as well as two magazines for both calibers. There was no mention of the cost of the 10mm barrel and magazines.

    FK BRNO released the following YouTube video with Rob explaining the system and showing it in action and its tool-less takedown:

    As seen in the video, a quick attach folding stock has also been produced, while a stabilizing brace is also in development for the U.S. market. According to Soldier Systems, the PSD Pistol should be ready in about two months with a new importer for the U.S. customers. They also reported that a railed version will also be available, though it’s yet undecided if that feature will be an option or come standard.

    FK BRNO's PSD Pistol

    FK BRNO PSD Pistol with railed dust cover.

    FK BRNO's new PSD Pistol

    Ghost ring sights on the PSD Pistol. Image from

    The pistol comes with ghost ring sights, but I’m curious if they’ll also have a standard three dot sight system as well since the Field Pistol had both options.  What do you think about the new offering by FK BRNO?

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