Modlite Upgrades For SureFire M600DF

    There is a a guy quietly making SureFire M600DF great again. Cory of Modlite has been quietly working for the past 3 years to make the best weaponlight possible. I know that sounds like every other light manufacturer’s goals and claims but Modlite’s offerings are truly going to be setting the standard. Modlite upgrades include three new heads and a mini scout like body for the M600DF.

    Make Your Scoutlight Dual Fuel Into A Mini Scout

    Photo credit Modlite IG

    While Surefire Scoutlights come in two difference sizes, full and mini, the M600DF is only comes in plus size due to the battery it uses. The 18650 is 18mm in diameter compared to the 16mm diameter CR123 found in traditional Scoutlights. The Dual Fuel uses the 18650 battery to ramp up to 1500 lumens. While you can run the M600DF on 2x CR123 it drops the lumens down to only 1200 lumens.

    Well Modlite is coming out with a 18350 body. Basically the 18650 length body is the same length as a 2x cell Scoutlight. M300 scouts or mini scoutlights use a singe cell. By using a shorter 18350 battery and Modlite’s 18350 body, you shrink the overall length and reduce the weight of the light. Since the 18350 is half the length of the 18650 you do sacrifice run time. People have been reporting 35-40 mins run time depending on the head they are using.

    The Modlite 18350 light weighs a scant 4 ounces but that does not include a mount.

    Modlite Upgrades The M600DF With 3 New Heads

    Modlite upgrades

    Photo credit Modlite IG

    Modlite is coming out with three new heads that you can use on your M600DF body or his new 18350 body seen above. Here is the line up coming soon:

    • OKW (far throwing light)
    • PLH (DF replacement head)
    • IR (infrared illuminator to rule them all)

    The OKW head is designed for maximum throw. Due to the physical limitations of the LED and reflector choice it is only 680 lumens but it makes up for with high candela of 69,000. Candela is a rating for light intensity in a given direction. People have been reporting 500 yard illumination with this head!!

    Photo credit Steve Fisher. The tree is approximately 200 yards away.

    Photo credit Steve Fisher. The house is approximately 500 yards away.

    The PLH head is 1500 lumens and 29,000 candela. The M600DF head powered by an 18650 is also 1500 lumens but only has 12,800 candela. Here is a photo of the PLH below.

    Photo credit Modlite IG

    Then there is the IR head which is a mini beast of an IR illuminator. If you recall my review of the PK M51, that has 540mW of IR light. Well the Modlite IR head has 1200mW or 1.2W of IR light!!!

    The 18350 bodies are available now for $72 or you can buy a light body package for $78 and it includes 2x 18350 batteries with the body. Those batteries cost $20 each on the Modlite website so get the light body package. Unfortunately the heads are not out just yet but will be coming out in April and May and will retail for only $250. Go to for more information on these Modlite upgrades.

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