Global Ordnance and GRAND POWER Announce Partnership to Market STRIBOG SP9A1


    Global Ordnance's new STRIBOG SP9A1 pistol calibre carbine (Global Ordnance)

    Global Ordnance and Slovakian manufacturer Grand Power have announced a partnership that will allow Global Ordnance to supply Grand Power firearms in the US. This includes the new STRIBOG SP9A1 pistol calibre carbine which had been selected for evaluation in the US Army’s Sub Compact Weapon System programme.

    Here’s what Global Ordnance have to say about the new partnership:

    Global Ordnance LLC and GRAND POWER announce Partnership, Global Ordnance is the exclusive supplier of GRAND POWER Firearms to the U.S., beginning March 12th, 2019.

    Global Ordnance LLC and GRAND POWER has worked together since 2014 on multiple defense projects, including supplying the U.S. Military with pistols and heavy machine guns. They recently partnered with Global Ordnance in adapting GRAND POWER’s existing STRIBOG design to meet the US Army’s Sub Compact Weapon System (SCWS), which is one of six down selectees and is pending award by the U.S. Army. Global Ordnance LLC is now partnering with GRAND POWER for commercial opportunities in the U.S. and will be the exclusive importer of GRAND POWER firearms into the United States.

    This includes the following models:  STRIBOG SP9A1, K100, K100 X-Trim, P1, P11, P1 Ultra, Q100, Q1S, X-Calibur, P45, P45L, XP45, P40, P40L, XP40, K22S, K22 X-Trim, P380, CP 380, & LP 380.  GRAND POWER firearms feature a Rotating Barrel to improve accuracy and reduce recoil.  Each pistol delivered by Global Ordnance will feature 3 magazines.

    The Global Ordnance improved STRIBOG SP9A1, will feature an upgrade to the currently available on the U.S. market SP9A1s.  The Global Ordnance model will feature a non-reciprocating charging handle and three magazines.  The handle reduces recoil and allows for eliminating the risk of anything getting snagged on the charging handle; a modification which at the same time provides a safety improvement.  *Arm brace not included.

    Global Ordnance is working with GRAND POWER to introduce new firearms for the U.S. market.  GRAND POWER is located in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.  GRAND POWER has a current portfolio of more than 40 different models of pistols in all common pistol caliber (.22, .32ACP, .380ACP, 9mm Makarov, 9mm Luger, 9x21mm, .357Mag, .40SW, .45ACP and 10mm).  GRAND POWER has been making firearms for 17 years and currently exports to more than 60 countries worldwide.  Global Ordnance and GRAND POWER are both ISO certified.  Global Ordnance and GRAND POWER are confident that teaming together, they can bring the best value and quality firearms to the American gun enthusiast.

    Global Ordnance is performing customer service and warranty support for the U.S. market.

    You can find out more about the products on offer at

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