TFB Review: Comfort Combo by Qore Performance and Noisefighters

    Comfort Combo

    Qore Performance and Noisefighters teaming up to offer the Comfort Combo. Qore Performance is known for innovative products designed for temperature regulation. Their latest project, IceVent padding, increases breathability while reducing heat injury and fatigue. Noisefighters offers gel cups with relief cuts for many popular models of hearing protection. The design allows for eye protection to be worn without the discomfort of glasses pressing against the user’s temples. Eye protection frames can also push out on standard pads, breaking the seal. Noisefighters prevent that problem and reduce the possibility of exposure to unsafe noise levels. The two companies have come together to offer the Comfort Combo. The Comfort Combo will be available at Qore Performance, Gunsite Academy, Royal Range USA, Stoddard’s Range and Guns, and Magnum Shooting Center for $70.


    The review for the gel cups has been a long time coming. I used them for the last year and put in many hours in temperatures ranging from freezing cold nights to 100 degree days.
    They come in multiple configurations for many models of hearing protection. I tested them on my Peltor Comtac III’s.
    The comfort level provided by the gel definitely was a major upgrade from the OEM pads. With eye protection, as intended, the gel cups maintain a good seal.

    Notice how the Noisefighters are designed to be used with eye protection.
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    After extended use, hot spots can still be felt. However, this is only after extended use and long after they would have been felt with OEM pads.

    Environmental Factors

    I sweat heavily compared to the average person. With the improved seal, your ears also have reduced breathability. The gel does have a cooling feel but I noticed more sweat with the gel pads than with OEM pads.

    My ears did sweat more with the improved seal compared to the OEM pads. However, the Icevent does help release heat and improve breathability.

    I was concerned about low temperatures and the possibility of the gel freezing if left in a vehicle or exposed to low temperatures for extended time periods. After leaving them in a vehicle for a week with temperatures well below freezing (my water bottle was frozen solid), the gel did not freeze and was still malleable.

    Qore Performance IceVent Headband

    Unfortunately, I have not had the ability to test the IceVent Headband in high temperatures as this winter in the Midwest has been cold. However, I was able to put them through some testing that allowed me to see how they performed with less heat but more physical activity.

    Initial Impressions

    My initial impressions actually were not extremely positive as I took them out of the box. They appeared to add bulk to the headset and I normally attempt to cut any excess bulk from my gear if possible. However, my opinion quickly changed. The IceVents can also be cut down to the size of your hearing protection’s headband if needed with a simple set of scissors.

    IceVent Install

    Installation is simple and easy. The IceVent comes with two strips of velcro. One strip is wider and has a strong adhesive on the bottom. Simply peel off the protector and stick the adhesive to the top band of your hearing protection. This provides space for a name tape or morale patch on top of your ear pro. A long thin strip of hook velcro is also included to tie around the IceVent, attaching it to the band of your ear protection.
    The IceVent is a honeycomb pattern that has a backing covered in mesh to allow airflow while wearing your hearing protection.
    As I previously mentioned, I sweat easily and last summer my Noisefighters would get extremely sweaty. At that point, I did not notice or even think of the band holding in heat that my body was trying to release from my head.


    Since it has been relatively cold in my area, ranging from 20-35 degrees, testing in the heat was not an option. However, I was able to take the headset to the gym and test them while running on the treadmill and boxing.
    Running at a relatively quick pace allowed me to build up a good sweat. Notice how when worn the Icevent is very low profile and unobtrusive.

    Even with quick movements and increased sweat, the gel cups kept a firm seal.

    After I put on my Peltors with the IceVent, the added bulk was unnoticeable. The material is light and the design does not obstruct the user from any normal tasks. What was noticeable was the breathability that it offered. Not only did it allow more heat to be released from the top of my head, but my ears also did not heat up as quickly. This decreased how much my ears sweat even during intense physical activity.


    This collaboration adds comfort for those wearing hearing protection for extended periods. Coming in at $70, even those who shoot or use ear pro casually can benefit from the Comfort Combo available here. The added sweat from the gel pads is a reasonable trade for the improved comfort the pads provide. When paired with the Icevent, sweat is definitely reduced. Both the IceVent and the Noisefighters are good standalone products, but the combo complements each other nicely. The Comfort Combo will be available on March 7, 2019.
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