Get A(K) Grip: New TangoDown AKOE Battlegrip

    You’ve got an AK but don’t want a grip that stores your batteries, dollar bills, condoms, matches or that last round?

    The good news is that you’re going to save $5,55, as the newly released AKOE from TangoDown is down on price versus its predecessor.

    Below: Pure and simple – the TangoDown AKOE Battlegrip. Empty inside.

    TangoDown AKOE Battlegrip

    To compare, the BG-AK BATTLEGRIP below. That roll looks like it’s worth more than the grip and the AK together.



     From TangoDown:

    TangoDown® Inc is pleased to announce the addition of the BG-AKOE BATTLEGRIP®.

    After releasing the BG-AK in late 2018, we wanted to offer a variant for those who are NOT seeking a storage compartment for their AK grip.

    The BG-AKOE is made of the same durable material as our entire BATTLEGRIP® line and offers similar TD Inc signature features: comfortable ergonomic design and aggressive non-slip texture.

    A quick summary of the BG-AK and BG-AKOE history – Several years ago, we designed and manufactured the AK rifle grip for an Arizona start-up company.

    When they closed-up shop, we received a huge number of requests for the grip, as it was known to be based on our successful BG-16 AR-15 product.

    As the creators of the AK grip, we made the decision to produce the original grip, from the original designers, and from the original molds.

    You can find and discover the new TangoDown BG-AKOE grip here.

    According to TangoDown it fits all true AK-pattern rifles.

    You can any color you like as long as your preference is black.

    The MSRP is $18.95, which seems competitive compared to offerings from the big guys like Magpul.

    If you, after all, prefer to store “things” in your AK, learn more about the BG-AK (with storage) here.

    You can find TangoDown’s Homepage here. I am using their Aimpoint covers, and so far so good.

    Eric B

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