POTD: AR15 and Microtech H.A.L.O. VI

    Today’s Photos are of a rather special knife together with an AR15.

    The Microtech H.A.L.O. VI is an Out-The-Front, Single-Action Automatic knife.

    Single-Action Automatic knife? Really?

    Yes, after you pushed the button and released the blade out in the open it is fixed and won’t go back by another push on the button (like the Ultratechs, for instance).

    You have to “charge” the knife manually for it to go off again, see the last picture.

    Beware – there is no safety on this knife!

    But the fire button is recessed and won’t go off easily. However, once you release the blade it goes off with quite a lot of force.

    I have a blue HALO, and it opens hard and fast. The knife is almost 11″, so it’s probably one of the largest automatic knives around.

    Below: Notice the holster, upper left.

    A longtime staple and an iconic piece in the Microtech O.T.F. lineup.

    The H.A.L.O. is known for its lightning-fast blade deployment. This single action O.T.F. fires with the touch of a button and will retract by pulling the charging handle.

    The unique shape and slender design of the 6061-T6 handle aids concealability.

    I am not sure it’s a coincidence or not, but believe it or not, there are similarities between the H.A.L.O. VI model and an AR15.

    Look at the “charging handle” of the H.A.L.O below and compare it with the charging handle of the AR15.

    From Microtech’s homepage:

    We run different blade, serration, hardware, and color configurations in our factory without notice and at different times through the year. These options are not available at all times which make our knives highly desirable from a collection standpoint. We produce runs that are in high demand at the time

    All pictures from Microtech.

    You can find the Microtech Knives here: https://microtechknives.com/ or from PVK Vegas.

    The Microtech H.A.L.O. VI can be found here: https://microtechknives.com/knife/halo-vi/