[IDEX 2019] Truvelo AMRIS 20×42 mm from South Africa

    Truvelo is a South African firearms manufacturing company which we know for their large caliber sniper and anti-materiel rifles. In IDEX they had a small booth where they managed to fit their newest baby and two of its bigger siblings.

    Truvelo Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd

    The company was founded in 1966 to manufacture accurate speed measurement devices for traffic law enforcement (TRUe VELOcity). This division is still active and in 1994 it was joined by the newly established Armoury Division, specialized in rifle and barrel manufacturing.

    Truvelo manufacturing facility allows them to produce in-house all of the rifle components. Their product portfolio of CMS (Counter Measure Sniper) ranges from 6.5×47 mm Lapua to 20×82 mm. The largest caliber chambered is 20×110 mm Hispano Suiza, while barrels are manufactured up to 40 mm caliber.

    Coming to think about it, the thought of a speed ticket delivered by a 20 mm anti-materiel rifle is quite unsettling…

    Truvelo AMRIS 20×42 mm

    The star of the booth was definitely this little guy which we first saw at the AAD 2018 exhibition. AMRIS means Anti-Materiel Rifle, Integrally Suppressed and it is an evolution of the CMS in 20×42 mm. The round is mostly known for its use in the Inkunzi PAW and it is basically the payload of 20×82 mm shot at subsonic speed, resulting in a direct-fire grenade launcher.

    This rifle is a relatively compact beast sporting a 350 mm (13.8″) barrel and a folding stock. The barrel itself ends a few inches short of the suppressor sleeve and it is not ported. Baffles near the muzzle act as a muzzle brake and divert some of the gasses back to the chamber around the barrel (reflex suppressor). The external walls of the suppressor are made out of carbon fiber. No dB values were provided but it’s a safe bet that the bullet impact will be louder.

    The AMRIS is a bolt action rifle fed from a detachable magazine holding 5 rounds; “a handful” to quote the company representative. Weight without the scope is 10.2 kg (22.5 lbs).

    Thanks to an optional adjustable scope rail which can add 300 MOA of elevation, the rifle is effective up to 1,000 m (1,094 yds). Accuracy is listed as “2 MOA at 500m”.

    The AMRIS in all of its beauty.

    The fluted bolt locks on three lugs.

    The bolt can easily be removed.

    An attempt at showing the barrel/suppressor interface.

    Truvelo CMS 14.5×114 mm and HSR 20×110 mm

    Sharing the tight space of the booth, the 5 round magazine fed CMS 14.5×114 mm and the single shot HSR (Hispano Sniper Rifle) in 20×110 mm were displayed, too.

    The HSR, which weighs 28 kg (about 62 pounds) without cradle mount, sports a massive muzzle brake and two different recoil dampening systems (in the stock and in the cradle mount) to let the shooter survive the recoil. Compare this to the much lighter Croatian RT-20 chambering the same cartridge with a substantially different recoil management system.

    The CMS in 14.5×114 mm, capable of delivering 1,000 gr pills at about 3,300 fps.

    A very necessary muzzle brake.

    Truvelo HSR, a crew-served single shot.

    Giorgio O

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