SILENCER SATURDAY #62: Yankee Hill ULTimate And Reader’s Notes

    Yankee Hill ULTimate

    Welcome back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday, where even the best firearms are incomplete without a proper suppressor. Since that stupid groundhog seems to have been wrong about the change of seasons yet again, testing of our next batch of silencers has been postponed a few days. Here’s what we have in store for you in the next week or two:

    1. YHM ULTimate 300BLK Upper (stand alone review)
    2. YHM Resonator And Turbo (Silencer Saturday)
    3. Energetic Armament VOX (Silencer Saturday)
    4. Allen Engineering- All AEM suppressors (yes all of them – stand alone review/comparison)*

    *Once again, big thanks to Allen Engineering for letting me borrow their B&K 2209 decibel meter.

    Hopefully, within two weeks we will have cleared our review backlog and will be ready to start borrowing new silencers to test. Rumor has it that Surefire’s latest Titanium SOCOM 762 will be dropping by. I’m also looking for unique host/silencer combinations. So if you have suggestions, please let me know.

    SILENCER SATURDAY #62: Yankee Hill ULTimate And Reader’s Notes

    Yankee Hill ULTimate

    Sixty two weeks into the series and we still have plenty of ground to cover. However, as much as I like to stand up here and talk about facts, figures, specifications and results, I don’t want Silencer Saturday to turn into a one-way sounding board. I may not agree with every comment or suggestion, but I do appreciate them all. So thank you.

    Reader’s Notes:

    As you can imagine, TFB receives hundred of emails everyday. And while I do read all of them, I am not able to reply to every one. But if I am being completely honest, I tend to give preferential treatment to subject lines at include the word silencer or suppressor. So if you are ever trying to get my attention, you know what to do. I can be reached at [email protected]  (Kidding on the preferential treatment comment.)

    And now for your notes.

    1) Hamilton writes:

    Hey Pete love silencer Saturday I look forward to reading it every week. I came accross this recently posted YouTube video of tips for new silencer owners video and thought it was great. I realized many of these things well after my first can and they are annoying lessons that can be avoided.

    Published on Jul 28, 2018 – FirearmFreedom
    Thanks Hamilton, I appreciate the kind words. Silencer Saturday is something I look forward to writing every week. Great idea on tips for new silencer owners; after all, we all had to start somewhere. Maybe I’ll put something together soon here at TFB.
    For peace of mind, I have suggested that beginners invest in a suppressor alignment rod that checks to make sure the silencer is mounted concentric to the bore.

    2) Ryan writes:

    Just wondering if you ever acquired a new chronograph or were still planning on testing velocities for the Rattler?  Hope you’re staying warm, take care.

    My Chrony has unfortunately recorded its last velocity. I will try to borrow or invest in a Magnetospeed so that I can provide you with bullet velocities alongside decibel readings. I think it would be a useful addition to the testing regimen.

    If you are unfamiliar with the Magnetospeed, it is a barrel mounted chronograph that makes setup and data collection a lot better than traditional tripod stand designs.

    3) Hasan writes:

    Can you deliver to india [silencer] parts so i will fixed here.. i love and honour to have these one of that.. please arrange something

    While I have built my own silencers (shameless plug for the Build Your Own Silencer Series – Part 1) I am not a manufacturer. Even so, ITAR export rules heavily regulate the shipment of firearms parts outside of the United States. But, I’m curious, what shipping address did you want to use?

    4) Max Legroom writes:

    Another one-dimensional .30 cal can test using only 300 BLK Subs, probably the least useful cartridge that will fit through the bore. Will those of us who like to use suppressors with cartridges of a more full powered persuasion ever get any love in these TFB silencer tests? The outlook is not promising.

    Even though he used a bit vinegar as opposed to honey, Max has a point. While I love everything subsonic and ultra-quiet, I subconsciously ignore a whole other world out there that wants to tame supersonic cartridges to tolerable levels. The problem is that besides the PTR G3K SBR in .308, I don’t own a big bore rifle. I’m thinking about asking an industry partner to borrow a 6.5 Creedmoor setup to test rifle silencers with supersonic ammunition. The staff has suggested a Savage 110. What do you think?

    Or maybe something a bit bigger?

    5) Graham writes:

    Here’s a link to a U.K. manufacturing company that produce a range of moderators including their Wildcat model, which is completely strippable and can be used on various calibres from .17 to .30 with the use of interchangeable ‘diffuser’ (baffle) components, and swapped between rifles with various barrel threads by changing the moderator’s ‘bridge’.

    Once the initial moderator purchase has been made and entered on our Firearm Certificate, any of these additional components are unrestricted and can be bought by mail order.
    They are a very robust, lightweight unit with excellent sound attenuation. I use the same basic Wildcat on .308, 300BLK, and .243 and 22-250 with additional diffusers.
    American Imperialism strikes again. Because I’m fully entrenched in the U.S. market, I sometimes forget that there are far away lands that house gun owners who also appreciate quiet shooting. My apologies. Maybe we should look at some import licensing for T&E of foreign made silencers. Quick NFA import note: there are ways for FFL/SOT dealers to import and possess foreign made silences for evaluation purposes. Standard civilian ownership is basically impossible.

    6) Lew sent in these movie silencer scenes:

    Related to  our “SILENCER SATURDAY #60: Hollywood Movie Suppressor Appearances!” edition a few weeks back, Lew suggested that most of us are too young to rember these silencer scenes.
    Can you guess the films these are from?
    Keep your questions and comments coming. I appreciate the input. Be safe, have a great week and I’ll see you next Saturday.

    Product Spotlight: YAnkee Hill ULTimate Top End

    Yankee Hill ULTimate

    • .30 cal. Phantom® ULT Titanium Suppressor (YHM-4300-Ti-24)
    • 9.1″ Threaded Melonite QPQ .300 BLK 1:7″ Barrel (YHM-71-T)
    • Rifle-length (12.6″) Black Diamond® M-LOK® Handguard (YHM-5343-DX)
    • Flat Top A3 Upper Receiver Assembly (YHM-100)
    • Clamp Screw Low Profile Gas Block (YHM-9384)
    • Black Plated Gas Tube (YHM-BL-04)

    Select your dealer and buy From Silencer Shop here.


    Muzzle Devices

    Published on Feb 22, 2019 – Silencer Shop

    Mike and Tyler/Tyler and Mike discuss the differences in muzzle devices and the advantage of using them. For every like we get a person gets their stamp.

    • 24:46 What kind of temperatures do various muzzle devices undergo? This might answer the above.
    • 25:25 coarse, acme style threads like Sig uses vs fine threads like the Q cherry bomb
    • 27:05 Any reason not to make a dead air break/keymo adapter out of Ti (aside from cost) for the weight weenies of the world?
    • 28:07 Why can’t 3 lug be used on rifle calibers?
    • 30:15 How much thread engagement do you actually need (bare minimum) for the muzzle device to be secure?
    • 31:36 Preventative measures for stuck suppressor syndrome.
    • 33:26 Suppressor brands that are adopting other standards (I.e a non dead air cam taking keymo mounts)
    • 35:20 Any timeline on when you’ll have the form 1 efile back on sale?
    • 36:10 Best muzzle device/suppressor for a Scar 17 SBR?
    • 38:35 If we purchase a trust through you, do you need to submit the finger prints for all on the trust when completeing a form 1/4?
    • 39:30 You guys gonna talk about the SiCo announcement?
    • 40:30 Nomad vs. Trash Panda
    • 42:02 Q mounting system vs Dead Air?
    • 42:27 What do you recommend for .300 blkout
    • 44:09 Would you recommend direct thread or 3 lug for a CMMG Banshee with 5″ barrel?
    • 46:56 Does the dead air key mo fit in the ghost in place of a fixed mount?
    • 47:12 SiCo Chimera 300 or Dead Air Sandman S?
    • 47:23 Which is better – Sparrow or Spectre?
    • 48:04 From Q – what do you recommend for 308 hunting, ak47, and 300blk
    • 48:33 Is the opening on the OSS can big enough for them to be able to develop some sort of adapter to make their cans compatible with Q cans, etc.? Q can mounts and the like?
    • 49:19 Can I use Q suppressors with 5.56?
    • 49:30 What do you recommend for a ps90 SBR?

    Original Air Date: 2/15/19

    Published on Feb 27, 2019 – The VSO Gun Channel

    Hotly requested, Silencer VS Pillow. We have all seen a scene in a mafia movie where someone uses a pillow to muffle a gunshot. Today we are going to give it a try and stack a sound suppressor up against a pillow to determine how much of that is Hollywood myth.

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