New Sound Suppressors from Voere (Austria)

    Voere of Austria’s Sten-styled, suppressed rifle that accommodates AR15 magazines the VOERE S16 – caused quite a lot of discussions when TFB wrote about it last year.

    Voere has more hush-hush in stock, with their brand new sound suppressors available for hunting and sporting. The material is combination of carbon, steel and aluminum and judging by the pictures they’re looking good.

    Below: SILENCER HUNT (right) and SILENCER SPORT (left).

    Below: An example how the Voere Silencer Hunt can be mounted with a clamp-adapter or a thread-adapter, Voere’s universal device and a detachable sound suppressor. The system works with either clamping (no threading needed outside the barrel) or with a thread-adapter.

    The thread adapter, available for a long list of threads, cost €68, and the baffles starts from € 339 (384 USD). A Monolith design is also available from €407.

    The following adapters are the following: clamp-adapter + adjustment sleeve for Ø15 hunting-barrel  or clamp-adapter + adjustment sleeve for Ø16 hunting-barrel.

    The HUNT version has a Length of 160 mm, Weight: 430 g and diameter: 48 mm.

    Below: The TARGET SILENCER is mounted on Voere’s match muzzle brake, fitting over the brake using the silencer screw.  The “case” (carbon fiber look) is made of heavy-duty stainless steel. The inside is made with lightweight aluminum baffles.

    According to Voere the benefit with the baffle design is that the parts are interchangeable and cleanable.
    However the Monolith design has a better damping.

    The sound suppressors are all new design and construction from 2019.

    The TARGET SILENCER has a length of 284 mm, weight: 740 g and diameter: 48 mm.Available from €566. As a reference that is about 640 USD.

    About Voere Austria.

    VOERE is one of the most innovative and modern companies in the field of precision technology for more than 60 years.

    The hunting and sports firearms, developed and produced right below the Kufstein fortress, enjoy international acclaim and are still considered to be an insider’s tip.

    The medium-sized company – managed by the third generation of proprietors – derives its clout from a combination of tradition and innovation. The 3 supporting pillars are:

    Product innovation – Whether it be the anti-terror SMG AM 180 with the highest rate of fire in it’s class to this day or the development of the first rifle with laser sighting system way back in 1972, the series manufacture of the first hunting rifle for caseless ammunition or the take down system, in which the stock can be detached by the quick-change latch.

    From the “Hohen Jagd 2019” exhibition in Salzburg, Austria.

    I would not expect these sound suppressors to show up on the US market but you can find the Voere Austria Homepage here:

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