AFVG – Angled Vertical Grip Hybrid

    I saw this in a local store. When I mentioned who I write for, he said: “you may be interested in this”. It is a custom AFVG. That is not what he calls it, that is just what I called it. It is a hybrid of an angled foregrip and vertical grip.

    Walter Davis is the guy behind these AFVGs hybrids. At first glance, it does not seem like anything special. But when you put your hands on it it is the most ergonomic grip I have felt.

    Below is Walter’s first concept. It is a Magpul AFG blended into a short VFG.

    The setup above is perfect for longer guns. Walter runs this setup on his SCAR-H.

    The newer version is for shorter length guns that you run in CQB. He is using a BCM Gunfighter Vertical Grip SHORT and a modified Strike Industries Cobra AFG.

    If you look at the photo above, you will notice Walter blended the modified Cobra and BMC grip using some sort of epoxy resin. This makes the setup solid and a single piece. Interestingly, the blended section angle and radius reminds me of the B5 Systems Gripstop. They use a radiused curve for an AFG rather than a straight angle.

    Grabbing this AFVG worked as he intended. But when I saw him manipulate it, I noticed he positioned his index finger on the outside of the Cobra barricade stop. This changed the ergonomics completely and it felt like the most comfortable shooting grip I have ever felt.

    Walter is looking into producing these himself. Not the hybrids that he made. Anyone can do that. But he is looking into designing and molding production versions of this concept. I wish him the best of luck. I enjoy custom modifications that make guns more ergonomic and this knocks it out of the part. The concept is so simple it is surprising we have not seen something like this already. It actually reminds me of a more ergonomic version of the MP5K vertical grip with integrated handstop. I would actually like to see a clean modular design. Somewhat like the Strike Industries Link Hand Stop Kit. That way you can Lego the pieces to assemble this setup or just run a vertical grip by itself.

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