TFBTV Steyr AUG M3 FULL REVIEW: Irrelevant or Impressive?

    In this video, James performs a full review of the updated Steyr AUG M3 A1. For the sake of reminiscing, here’s Alex C.’s description of this fine combat rifle:

    “The Steyr AUG has been around for quite a while. It was designed in the 1970s, an era where terrific advances in special effects and movie making technology led to some of the most spectacularly corny science fiction movies of all time. Consequently, the AUG looks like an Austrian engineer went to his local cinema on all of his days off and was inspired. Even today the AUG is a bizarre looking firearm, and I can only imagine the reaction of folks back then when it was introduced (maybe some guys will be nice enough to chime in on the comments section and share with us some of their initial opinions). The AUG made use of polymers wherever possible and its bullpup configuration was by no means a new idea, but it certainly went mainstream with the AUG.

    The AUG was the world’s first commercially successful bullpup rifle; It was quickly adopted by the Austrian army, and then made its way into the hands of the armed forces of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and quite a few other forces as well. It was even a success on the civilian market; Prior to 1989, the AUG was imported into the United States directly from Austria as a semi-automatic sporting rifle. Another interesting note is that since they were imported prior to 1986 a number of full-auto conversions exist for them, the mass of which are Fleming registered trigger packs. However, it is worth noting that an AUG on full auto is one of the most bizarre shooting experiences you can have; My first time playing with one at a machine gun shoot I learned of the progressive trigger system. On an AUG capable of fully automatic fire, pulling the trigger half-way will result in semi-automatic fire. For rock-and-roll mode, you need to smash that trigger in all the way with your pointer finger and the gun will chug along like a Swiss watch. You can always tell an inexperienced AUG shooter too, as you will hear the signature single shot followed up by a hellacious burst of full-auto fire. This feature is obviously not just an issue with civilian shooters either, as the Australians incorporated a full-auto lockout device on their F88 rifles (a license built copy of the AUG) to prevent the shooter from accidentally throwing around more rounds than needed.

    Anyways, after the 1989 import ban Steyr sent the “USR” sporting rifle for a number of years over to the USA. It featured an odd thumb hole stock and no barrel device and was not a very hot seller.”

    Fortunately, Steyr has taken matters into their own hands and now offers the AUG for sale in the United States.


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