NEW Sabatti ST-18 Bolt Action Rifle

    Sabatti ST-18

    The Sabatti ST-18 bolt action rifle is this Italian company’s latest addition to their tactical and long-range bolt action rifle line. The rifle is designed in cooperation with BCM Europearms, a company known for building competition rifles. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of this new firearm.

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    The chassis of Sabatti ST-18 rifle is machined out of Ergal 55 aluminum alloy which looks to be identical to the 7075 aluminum. The company notes that the receiver and chassis do not directly contact each other but are connected via a V-block on the front (which apparently also works as a recoil lug) and a semi-circular insert at the rear of the receiver. The pistolĀ grip and the stock attachment points are compatible with that of the AR-15 platform and the rifle uses AICS pattern magazines. The ST-18 comes with a folding stock made of a material called Ryton which is apparently a metal reinforced polymer. The stock of this rifle folds to the right side of the weapon. It features an adjustable cheek piece and several QD sling swivel sockets. The length of pull can be adjusted via spacers. These rifles also come with aluminum KeyMod handguards.

    Sabatti also points out that they have designed a completely new action for the ST-18 rifle. The action features a chrome plated 3-lug bolt with a 60-degree bolt handle throw.

    Sabatti ST-18 rifles also featureĀ MRR (Multi-Radial Rifling) rifled barrels of 20″ (510mm) or 24″ (610mm) length. These rifles are available in .260 Remington, 6.5x47mm Lapua, 6.5mm Creedmoor and .308 Winchester caliber options. The overall length of Sabatti ST-18 rifle is 42″ (1,060mm) or 46″ (1,160mm) depending on the barrel length. The barrel length also affects the overall weight of the rifle which can be 10 lbs 15oz (4.95 kilograms) or 11 lb 6 oz (5.15 kilograms).

    To my knowledge, Italian Firearms Group is the exclusive US distributor of Sabatti. Currently, the ST-18 rifle is not listed on IFG’s website. Stay tuned to learn about the availability of this rifle on the US market.

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