Interesting Products at SHOT Show 2019 From Smaller Companies

    Now that most of the SHOT Show hype has subsided, I wanted to post about a few products at the show that I found interesting. Most, if not all, the products below were found in the “basement” halls. Those are the halls on the lower floor where smaller and up-and-coming companies have their booths. You can really find some gems down there, as well as lots of stuff that’s pretty meh. The main hall at the show is where all the big boys are found, Glock, Sig Sauer, HK, Smith & Wesson etc. That’s where most of the popular products that get all the YouTube and blog hits are, but I like to explore and see what else the SHOT Show has to offer.

    This year SHOT had a new floor opened at the top of the Sands Expo Center. The exhibitors’ list on this floor changed throughout the week which allowed even more small companies and new exhibitors to show off their goods. I found a few cool new products on that floor as well. Below are a few interesting products from smaller companies that caught my eye at the SHOT Show 2019.

    Tippmann Armory 9mm Gatling Gun

    TippmanTippmann Armory 9mm Gatling Gunn-Armory-9mm-Gatling-Gun

    We posted about the awesome new 9MM Gatling Gun from Tippmann Armory the other day, I had to include it on this list. It’s a scaled down version of an 1865 Gatling Gun that’s chambered in 9MM and uses Glock magazines. Check them out at 

    L.W. Seecamp LWS-380 Pistol

    lw seecamp pistol

    I’ve never heard of this pistol or the manufacturer, but apparently, they’ve been around since 1973. Their LWS-380 pistol is chambered in .380 ACP and is made here in the USA. L.W. Seecamp claims their pistol is the smallest and most concealable semi-auto on the market. It’s also available in .25 ACP and .32 ACP. Their pistol felt pretty good in my hand and the trigger wasn’t too bad, it has a 6+1 capacity and weights in at 13.65 oz with a full mag. The model shown has an MSRP of $595. Check them out at

    Would I use this over a modern polymer pocket pistol? Probably not, but it’s an option for those who still prefer all metal over polymer guns.

    Small Arms Technologies Carbon Fiber Suppressors

    carbon fiber suppressor

    shotgun suppressor

    I stumbled upon these guys at the Typhoon Defense booth, they had one of their new Octave 12 carbon fiber suppressors displayed with a Typhoon Defense F12 Shotgun. The Octave 12 has a 30db sound reduction and weights in at just 16oz. Check them out at

    Left-Handed M14/M1A Rifles

    left handed m14

    left handed rifle

    Here’s something for all the lefties out there. Bula Defense showed off their left-handed M14/M1A rifles. They have forged receivers made right here in the USA and their rifles are available in various configurations. Check them out at

    KickLite Recoil Suppression Shotgun Stocks

    kicklite stocks

    I’ve mentioned before that I’m no longer a fan of heavy recoil. Long range days of heavy shotgun loads just aren’t for me anymore. I stumbled upon this product from KickLite they call a “recoil suppression stock”. KickLite claims it offers a 40-50% reduction in recoil. What caught my eye was the reasonable MSRP of $89.99 (other similar systems are a bit more) and that they offered a sporting style stock. Check them out at

    Finned Pepperballs

    pepper ball fins

    The folks over at Pepper Ball developed this interesting new pepper ball projectile they call the VXR. Round pepper balls aren’t very accurate at distance, the VXR is accurate out to 150 feet and has a higher kinetic impact as well. This is thanks to it’s added fins that keep it spin stabilized. Check out for more info.

    The Mag Feeder Compact AR Mag Speed Loader

    ar15 mag feeder

    There’s a bunch of magazine speed loaders on the market, but the Mag Feeder from Six Axis Development is interesting in that it folds into a very compact package. And it retails for just $59.99. Check it out in action below, they’re available over at

    the mag feeder

    Folding AR-15 Stocks From Dead Foot Arms

    folding ar-15 stock

    Speaking of folding, last year I wrote about the folding AR-15 from Dead Foot Arms. I finally got to see it in person and it was pretty darn cool. They also offer folding stock retrofit kits. The folding mechanism was quick and easy to use and felt pretty solid. Check them out at

    They also had this sweet Boba Fett themed AR on display.

    boba fett ar15

     AR-15 Mag Storage from Mag Storage Solutions

    interesting shot show products

    The folks over at Mag Storage Solutions produce some pretty cool AR and pistol magazine holder racks.  You can mount the racks on your wall or inside your closet or safe. Well, this year they showed off something new, it’s one of their AR mag racks that’s inside a portable bag. The bag is mounted to a velcro backing that you can mount wherever you like, and instead of having to remove the mags from the rack you can just take the whole thing with you.

    Check them out over at, they’re also on Amazon.

    mag storage solutions

    mag storage solutions

    Safe Life Defense Uniform Shirt Carrier

    safe life defense duty shirt

    Safe Life Defense is a body armor manufacturer that produces concealable, tactical and high-vis bullet and slash resistant vest. This year they debuted their new Uniform Shirt Carrier. It fits over their current line of carriers. It includes multiple pockets, name tag and body cam attachment points and adjustable shoulder straps. Check them out at

    safe life tactical belt

    They also recently released their Tactical Belt. It’s a dual layer style belt, it has an inner belt that’s worn like a normal belt. Then there’s an outer belt that attaches to the inner belt via hook and loop. The outer belt has Micro Molle for use with duty pouches, mag holders, etc.

    Budget Priced Aftermarket Glock Slides

    rock slide usa

    Custom aftermarket Glock slides are pretty popular these days, especially for 80% receiver builders. Lots of companies produce their own Glock slides with RMR cuts, slide serrations and fancy vent cuts. Most of the ones on the market are pretty pricey however, some being way more than the cost of a brand new Glock. I spotted two companies at SHOT Show 2019 that are producing custom Glock slides for the operator on a budget. The slides pictured above are from Their slides range from $149 to $219 depending on the options you choose.

    budget priced glock slides

    alpha one outdoors

    alpha one outdoors

    The slides above are from and they go for $195.

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