Very Rare! Cutaway Heckler and Koch HK 416 D

    Recently we showed you The Transparent Heckler & Koch G36, a cutaway model in transparent plastic.

    Now it’s time for a Heckler and Koch HK416D model, cut by the factory with US Lettering possibly for the US Marines or SOCOM.

    A lot of people who carry a firearm on daily basis, for work or self-defense, have no idea how the firearm works, its basic components and what happens as you pull the trigger.

    For training, a cutaway model like this can be a lot of help. In this HK416D you can see the piston, the bolt and bolt carrier as well as the buffer spring and many other “inside” parts.

    The model seems to come with an EOTech sight as well.

    With a bipod, there is not a lot of handguard to hold the rifle.

    Excellent view of the piston.

    The model has no bolt or barrel, but may still be considered a firearm in some countries.

    Who doesn’t want a fully-automatic dummy?

    The Google translate function has some issues with German technical terms, to say the least, so I tried to improve it slightly.

    An original Heckler and Koch HK 416 D Factory-Cut Model, with US Lettering.

    For the USSOCOM or US Marines.

    Without the original Barrel and bolt head.

    The action is a dummy, can be shortened by unscrewing the front piece to 14.5 “muzzle steamer is glued on.

    All parts are movable. Cut model can be repeated and reject. No ammunition can be fed into the barrel.

    Absolute rarity!

    The price is 4,500 Euro, about 5,100 USD. A fine gem for any collector.

    The model is for sale in Germany by IEA Mil-Optics GmbH, a company we have reported about before when the German Special Forces ordered the EOTech for the G95K.

    All pictures from IEA Mil-Optics GmbH.

    You can find the model for sale here at IEA Mil-Optics in Germany.

    Eric B

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