Crimson Trace Introduce Laserguard for S&W M&P Shield EZ

    CT Laserguard for MP EZ

    Laserguard for MP EZ (Crimson Trace)

    Crimson Trace have announced the launch of a Laserguard for Smith & Wesson’s MP Shield EZ. The new addition to the Laserguard line will be available with red and green lasers.

    Here’s what Crimson Trace have to say about the new laser:

    Crimson Trace®, America’s recognized leading brand of laser sights, today announced that it is now shipping the Laserguard® LG-459 laser sight with red diode and the LG-459G laser sight with green diode, both designed for secure fit onto the Smith & Wesson® M&P Shield® EZ® pistol. These easy-to-install laser sights secure onto the pistol’s trigger guard, are activated with Crimson Trace’s Instinctive Activation™ engagement system, provide reliable operation, and are extremely light weight at approximately 1 ounce including the installed battery. The new Laserguard LG-459/G laser sights are designed to fit onto Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ pistols chambered in .380 caliber.

    Customers can purchase the LG-459/G red and green laser sights in retail stores and outlets across America, on commercial websites that sell Crimson Trace products, and in the company’s online store at The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price begins at $229 for the Laserguard LG-459 laser sight with red diode.

    Crimson Trace continues to expand the tactical, mounted, and remotely activated laser sight options available to America’s firearms owners. The company offers more than 400 laser sights, including the award winning LiNQ® wireless laser sight and light system designed for modern sporting rifles. Crimson Trace products are well-known for being easy to install—no special gunsmithing skills required—and the laser sights are easily adjustable for windage and elevation. Nearly all Crimson Trace laser sights are covered under the company’s Free Batteries for Life program.

    Crimson Trace leads the firearms accessory category by providing laser sights, lights, riflescopes and electro-optics sights through 2,500+ dealers across America. Those dealers include gun stores, ranges, big box outlets and numerous on-line retailers.

    The Laserguard LG-459 has an MSRP of $229. For more information on Crimson Trace products and dealer locations, visit

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