SILENCER SATURDAY #61: Subsonic 300 Blackout & AAC Ti-RAID 30

    Subsonic Blackout

    Good afternoon everyone and thanks for coming back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday. This week we continue our dive into the Advanced Armament Corp (AAC) TI-RAID 30 and a bit of subsonic 300 blackout decibel metering. That’s 300 AAC Blackout to you. We’ve got both the direct thread and QD TI-RAID 30’s in house and they got to play on both the shortest 300BLK host I have in the armory (Sig Sauer MCX Rattler) as well as they longest (16” Remington Model Seven KUIU). If you are a suppressor owner and haven’t had the chance to dabble in some subsonic 300 blackout, I suggest you drop what you are doing and head out to the range or local gun shop to start making that happen.

    In case you missed it, the unboxing, specifications and all the other basics on the AAC TI-RAID 30 were laid out two weeks ago in episode #59. In short, this suppressor is built to be disassembled by the end user, a rarity in the centerfire rifle silencer market.

    This week we finally get to down to some science: decibel metering some subsonic 300 blackout. But first, my caveats:

    I am not a scientist, but I do play one on the internet. Decibel meter data alone, even if done correctly, is a poor way to evaluate silencers. Your personal use case, requirements and applications are more important than any list of numbers. Decide how you are going to use your suppressor and what is important to you, then use all the factors combined to make a purchase decision. When in doubt, ask. My email can be found below.

    Subsonic 300 Blackout

    Remington Model 7 KUIU In 300BLK, AAC TI-RAID 30 with a Trijicon RMR in an ANVL UKON mount.

    The AAC TI-RAID 30 is a well designed and well made silencer that has a tool-less removable baffle stack. After a long cycle of shooting subsonic ammunition, simply spin off the mounting unit and push out the baffles into your favorite ultrasonic cleaner or tumbler.

    Let’s get down to shooting and metering.

    SILENCER SATURDAY #61: Subsonic 300 Blackout In The AAC Ti-RAID 30

    Equipment And Variables:

    • Decibel Meter: B&K 2209 (Special Thanks: Allen Engineering)
    • Temperature: 37deg Fahrenheit
    • Humidity: 47%
    • Barometric Pressure: 30.47Hg
    • Ground: Snow covered


    Ammunition: Subsonic 300BLKDiscreet Ballistics

    Host: Sig Sauer MCX Rattler

    1) MILSTD Muzzle

    Gas Block Setting: (-)

    • 122.5
    • 119.1
    • 119.6
    • 118.2
    • 117.7
    • 117.9
    • 120+
    • 119.1
    • 119
    • 118.1

    Gas Block Setting: (+)

    • 118.1
    • 118.6
    • 117.9
    • 120+
    • 118.7
    • 118.5

    Bolt closing only (no shot): 

    • 117.1
    • 116.5
    • 118.1

    2) At Ear:

    Gas Block Setting: (-)

    • 120+
    • 127.2
    • 127.4
    • 125.5
    • 121.5
    • 120.9
    • 124.1
    • 129.1
    • 129.5
    • 126.5

    Gas Block Setting: (+)

    • 129.4
    • 130+
    • 128.1
    • 128.4
    • 127.4

    Bolt closing only (no shot):

    • 120+
    • 122.1
    • 124.5
    • 122.5

    Ammunition: Sig Sauer Performance Match Subsonic

    Host: Remington Model 7 KUIU

    1) MILSTD Muzzle

    • 119.1
    • 117.6
    • 119
    • 118.7
    • 119.1
    • 120+ (load up)
    • 116.3
    • 117.8
    • 118
    • 117.1

    Bolt cycle only (no shot):

    • 101

    2) At Ear

    • 115
    • 114.1
    • 116.9
    • 113.9
    • 113.5
    • 116.4 (load up)
    • 117.8
    • 112.9
    • 115.7
    • 115.5

    Bolt cycle only (no shot):

    • 112.5


    Based on the data, the AAC TI-RAID performs really well using subsonic 300 blackout ammunition in both semiautomatic and bolt action platforms. While the Rattler cycled using the (-) gas’s setting, ejection was week. Adjusting to the (+) gas setting showed stronger ejection with no failures to feed. The decibel meter numbers appeared to increase with the additional gas, but with a small sample size, I feel that the results are somewhat anecdotal.

    Both the Rattler and Remington Model 7 proved to be very quiet at the muzzle as well as the ear, sporting muzzle numbers sometimes reserved for subsonic rimfire setups. The “control” of dropping the bolt or closing the action alone really highlighted the TI-RAID 30’s performance.

    While the ability to disassemble and clean your silencer is a rare feature in the suppressor world, it does come with a slight weight penalty. Whereas most current models made by other manufacturers are at 16 ounces or less, the TI-RAID clears 20 ounces without a muzzle device. Again, that extra weight may or may not be a factor in your use cases.

    Aside from the weight discussion, the AAC TI-RAID 30 is an excellent performer from a well established company. MSRP is $1,119

    Products found in this review:

    AAC TIRAID 30 –

    Remingon Model Seven KUIU –

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    Range Time Report: YHM Top End (Phantom ULT Integral)

    Product Description
    This is a YHM product you won’t want to miss! This AR-15 upper receiver comes with a Phantom ULT silencer that is pin and welded to their 9.1″ .300BLK barrel. This permanently affixed silencer means that the over all length of the top-end is over 16″ which means this is not classified as an SBR. Also included is the brand new, super lightweight Black Diamond M-LOK Handguard. The handguard is a rifle length and covers the rear half of the silencer for a sleek look.

    .30Cal Phantom ULT (YHM-4300-Ti-24)
    9.1″ Threaded Melonite QPQ .300BLK 1:7″ Barrel (YHM-71-T)
    Rifle Length Black Diamond Handguard (12.6″)(YHM-5343-DX)
    Flat Top A3 Upper Receiver Assembly (YHM-100)
    Forward assist and dust cover included
    Clamp Screw Low Pro Gas Block (YHM-9384)
    Black Plated Gas Tube

    Published on Feb 22, 2019 – We Run Guns

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