True Austrian Love: First GLOCK G46 Glamour Shots

    Austrian Love: First GLOCK G46 Glamour Shots

    As a reminder, the elusive GLOCK G46 pistol with its rotating barrel and takedown slide-plate is only available to a small fraction of our readers. Specifically, the men and women who defend and protect the German State of SaxonyAnhalt. The rest of us, as the story goes, are in a persistent patience pattern, because GLOCK has no current plans to release the unique pistol to anyone outside of this one German State Police agency. But like my younger self, drooling over print magazines of off-road vehicles and select fire weapons, we can all dream, right?

    My dreams revolve around (get it, revolve/rotate?) a threaded barrel and a suppressor on the G46 for what is assumed to be a very quiet combination. Others may be drawn to the trigger pull-less takedown procedure, while still others yearn for the feel of a manual safety on the tip of their thumb. A video of the G46 firing is a must: besides the non-tilting barrel, is the recoil reduced?

    No matter where you fall on the Austrian polymer scale (that’s a 1 for “1911 4eva” and a 10 for “I wish Gaston would adopt me”), the G46 is a drastic departure for an otherwise conservative, yet robust, company that prides itself on solid, incremental changes to proven designs.

    We’ll keep you posted on any additional information on the G46.

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    Austrian Love: First GLOCK G46 Glamour Shots


    Previous TFB Coverage of the Glock G46:

    The Glock 46 was developed to meet a set of very specific German state/federal requirements, known as TR 2008 (Technische Richtlinie für Pistolen im Kaliber 9x19mm der Polizeien der Länder und des Bundes). Which required a trigger pull of more than 30N and and a trigger with between 10 and 15mm of travel. The new Glock 46 has a 35N or 7.9 lbf trigger pull and 11mm of travel.

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