Ultimate Collection: Heckler & Koch 94/SD/MP5K Set with Auto Sears – 150,000 USD

    So you think you’re a collector of firearms?

    Well here’s your chance to prove it, as Euro-Optic sells no less than three fully transferable Class III Heckler & Koch MP5 rifles as the “Ultimate Package”.

    You can find the tri-HK collection at EuroOptic Ltd.  They are yours for $150,000.00.

    Then someone trolled the Internet by adding: “This item ships for $9.99.

    Photo of EuroOptic’s Internet page.


    The MP5s have been converted by S&H Arms. According to themselves, S&H Arms, based in Owasso, OK, they “have been in the forefront of the Class III world since the late 80’s as the original designer and manufacturer of both the H&K and the FNC auto-sear.” In fact, Class III items built by us command a premium in the market.

    They continue: There is virtually nothing that we cannot do, or that we did not introduce to the market, on your H&K system. Except 51’s. Life is too short to work on something H&K gave up on.



    From the Euro-Optic description:


    This is the ultimate MP5 collector package, it contains three fully transferable Class III MP5 rifles converted by S&H Arms MFC Co. with consecutive serial numbers. These three rifles represent the most popular models of the legendary Heckler & Koch MP5: The standard MP5 with fixed stock, the suppressed MP5 SD with retractable stock, and the compact MP5 K with retractable stock and forward vertical grip. Each rifle is chambered for 9×19 and is designed to be as close to the HK factory automatic MP5 models as possible—you will not find any “improvised” designs on any of these rifles.

    Each rifle features the West German trigger group and West German paddle release. The rifles have two fire settings the semi-automatic and burst fire. These rifles fire from a closed bolt position using a delayed roller blowback operating system like factory MP5 machine guns. The receivers on these MP5s we’re heliarc welded, correctly remarked, and refinished at the time of conversion by S&H. The package includes with the original paperwork including user manuals for the original HK semi-auto MP5s and the S&H Conversion Manuals.

    Specifications & Features of the MP5 with Fixed Stock

    • Fires at 800 rounds per minute*
    • Line of Sight: 13.39”
    • Capable of a 4” group at 100 yards*
    • 3 Lug Barrel attachment for flash hiders, compensators, suppressors, or grenade.

    Specifications & Features of the MP5 SD with Retractable Stock

    • Fires at 800 rounds per minute*
    • Integrally Suppressed, but still easily removable for cleaning
    • Suppressor constructed from 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Slatted Suppressor Shroud for maximized cooling during automatic fire

    Specification & Features of the MP5 K with Retractable Stock & Forward Grip

    • Fires at 900 rounds per minute*
    • Super compact at 12.8” long and 1.97” wide
    • Forward Vertical Grip Handguard for additional control during automatic fire
    • 7.47” Sight Radius

    *Specifications we’re taken from original user manuals and may have changed due age of rifles



    Caliber: 9×19
    Weight: MP5 w/ Fixed Stock: 5.59 lbs.
    MP5 SD w/ Retractable Stock: 7.5 lbs.
    MP5 K w/ Retractable Stock & Forward Grip: 4.4 lbs.
    Rifle Overall Length: MP5 w/ Fixed Stock: 26.7″
    MP5 SD w/ Retractable Stock: 23.97″–30.42″
    MP5 K w/ Retractable Stock & Forward Grip: 12.8″
    Action: Closed Bolt – Full Automatic – Recoil Operated
    Safety: Three Position Selector
    Rifle Barrel Length: MP5 w/ Fixed Stock: 8.85″
    MP5 SD w/ Retractable Stock: 5.73″
    MP5 K w/ Retractable Stock & Forward Grip: 4.5″
    Rifle Barrel Twist: 6 groove RH conversion
    Rifle Stock: MP5 w/ Fixed Stock:
    MP5 SD w/ Retractable Stock
    MP5 K w/ Retractable Stock & Forward Grip:
    Scope Mount: HK
    Iron Sights Yes
    Caliber or Gauge:
    Handedness Right Hand
    Item Condition Used


    Obviously, the set hasn’t sold yet, but I think it’s safe to say that these type of firearms should be considered an investment for the future. But 50,000 USD per firearm seems a little steep, until someone buys them.

    You have to check out the “Q/A Review” section at the bottom of their page, it’s hilarious.

    I would probably get tired of shooting all of them, so I could settle for the hush-MP5 SD only.

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too. TCCC Certified medic.