International Mountain Warfare Patrol in Bavaria

    This article takes us to the South of Germany and Upper Bavaria, in the Chiemgau Alps. 15 teams from six countries met the challenges of the German Mountain Warfare Competition.

    In addition to the distance of 30 kilometers that had to be covered on skis, several stations with various levels of difficulty had to be overcome.

    Some of the stations included Biathlon, throwing hand grenades and avalanche search.

    The event was timed, so speed was essential. The correct execution of the activities was important, as there were time penalties imposed for errors.

    In the top picture, five shots, 50 meters distance, target circle eleven centimeters. Everyone had to shoot two strings.

    Below: Photo by Bundeswehr and Jan Röllig. Probably the one and only revolver in the competition, but an important one.

    In addition to Germany, teams from France, Italy, Austria, Poland and Slovenia participated.

    Below: Photo by Bundeswehr and Jan Röllig. Looks like they are skiing with HK G3s on the back, magazines inserted.

    Starting the International Mountain Warfare Patrol.

    The ice-age, which took place 15000 years ago, formed the foothills of the Alps and the morainic landscape. For this reason the Chiemgau is a hilly countryside with numerous grasslands, forests and fens; additional there are plenty of lakes of which the biggest one is the Chiemsee. The biggest mountains are almost 2000 meters high.

    Source: Wikipedia

    Due to heavy snowing and avalanche danger in the area, the competition had to be reorganized at short notice. Nevertheless, the competition demanded a lot from the participants as you can see from the pictures.    

    Below: Skiing James Bond style.

    Below: How strong are your legs? The weight of the backpacks had a minimum and the content was also determined in the competition regulations.

    Below: Throwing grenades is part of the game.

    Below: Some of the medals. Notice the crossed HK G36s.

    All photos from Bundeswehr / Marco Dorow and Jan Röllig.

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