Strike Industries 9mm Mini King Comp

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    Strike Industries has released the 9mm version of their King Comp. This new muzzle device is called Mini King Comp 9mm and as the company describes, it “brings the proven performance of the full-size King Comp in a more compact, lighter package designed exclusively for 9mm carbines“.

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    The Mini King Comp is basically the single chamber version of the King Comp design which is a dual chamber muzzle brake. This muzzle device is also designed to minimize the concussion which is the main drawback of muzzle brakes. Here is how Strike Industries puts it:

    The large single baffle captures the vented gasses for recoil mitigation.  The redirection jets work to stabilize the muzzle end for faster follow up shots while dampening felt concussion on the shooter end to maintain the pleasant shooting characteristics of 9mm carbines.

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    This is actually a combination device which will work both as a muzzle brake (thanks to the side openings of the single chamber) and as an actual muzzle rise compensator due to the two upward facing holes. This muzzle brake/compensator also features crown-shaped (hence the name King) wire cutting tines on its front portion which I assume may also partially mitigate the signature coming from the front of the muzzle device. The Mini King Comp is compatible with the company’s OPPRESSOR blast mitigation device that can be installed over the muzzle brake. This new muzzle device is 2.3″ long and it weighs 3.35 oz. It is threaded for the 1/2-28 standard AR-15 thread pitch.

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    The Strike Industries Mini King Comp 9mm is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $64.95. The package includes a crush washer.

    If you have experience with their King Comp, let us know in the comments section what do you think about it and will you recommend the 9mm comp based on your experience with this muzzle device design?

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