Aridus Industries RMR CROM Now Available

    Aridus Industries makes some of the best accessories for shotguns. The QDC and CROM have proven to be the best setups to run on a Beretta 1301. My Magpul Edition 870 has all the Aridus goodies on it. The CROM was designed to allow an Aimpoint T1 or T2 to cowitness the iron sights on a Beretta 1301 Tactical or a Remington 870 with a tall front sight. Adam of Aridus had been planning an RMR version of the CROM specifically for the Mossberg since the screw holes do not allow for an Aimpoint T1.

    Most tactical shotguns have an optic rail to mount a red dot however these are often too tall and do not allow you to cowitness a red dot with the factory iron sights on a shotgun. We strive to have co-witnessing irons on our modern sporting rifles and even on our optics mounted onto our handguns. And yet we do not see this trait carried over onto shotguns. Regardless what your local gun store employee says, shotgun do in fact need to be aimed in order to hit your target. Especially if you are using proper ammunition for self defense.

    This is why the CROM was developed. This allows the shooter to use his or her irons while using the benefits of a red dot that we see on every modern firearm.

    Just like the Aimpoint CROM, the RMR CROMs have an XS rear aperture sight that is adjustable for windage and elevation.

    Below is one of the protoype RMR CROM on a Beretta 1301 Tactical. The rear sight is a Rob Haught modification where the rear aperture was cut in half to improve the sight picture through the red dot.

    The RMR CROM is available for Remington 870, Mossberg 500, 590 and 930, as well as Beretta 1301. They range from $110 – $125. The price difference is if you want the Rob Haught modified rear sight for an additional $15.

    They are currently available on Aridus Industries’ website.

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