The Transparent Heckler & Koch G36

    The Heckler & Koch G36 was created for the requirements of the German Armed Forces, but has been adopted by a long list of countries and users.

    Anyone who follows current news should be aware of the problems that have been reported (since 2012), and in 2015, the German Minister of Defense announced that the G36 would be phased out of the German army due to these concerns. Who was right and who was wrong – let’s just say that the parties disagree.

    It’s easy to get the impression that the G36 is gone and phased out but that is far from true. It is still in wide use, and many countries and forces continue to use it and buy new ones. Very recently Lithuania ordered more HK G36s, as we reported here.

    The main components of the G36 are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, with the idea to lower the weight of the firearm and lower the level of maintenance needed.

    With that background it is time to change the subject slightly.

    In Germany the model is called “Schnittmodell“, a cut-away model. The model pictured is also transparent, apart from the metal parts.

    I cannot help it, but it looks like an albino G36.

    The model is for sale in Germany by IEA Mil-Optics GmbH, a company we have reported about before when the German Special Forces ordered the EOTech for the G95K.

    Auto-Translated from German into English (with errors) from the source IEA Mil-Optics.

    Orig. Werksschnittmodell of HK Oberndorf. The only chance. In addition, from September no parts kits and parts are available.

    The parts set is without lock head and without orig. Barrel delivered.

    The supplied barrel is a replica made of steel, phosphated without a hole (ill.).

    The dummy chamber is machined so that a dummy cartridge can be used and it is visible from the side. Running length approx. 16.5 “.

    Housing made of transparent plastic. Removed gas system, housing, handle, lock carrier, etc. for illustrative purposes.

    Handle is glued inside (in the securing position) and therefore not functional, but dismountable.

    Newest Picatinny rail in Aluminum with integrated sights.

    Orders of cut models can not be canceled and converted because they are assembled only after receipt of order and customer request.

    The prices is 1,990 EUR, or roughly 2,200 USD. If this qualifies as a firearm (legally) or not will depend on where you live.

    They can be used for training, like these “notes From A G36 Armorer’s Course.”

    I wanted a white rifle so much I bought one Duracoated. But I don’t have a transparent rifle. It must be a nightmare to clean.
    Transparent firearms must be perfect for underwater camouflage…
    A great way to explain how an automatic, or semi-automatic rifle works.
    The model is called “Heckler und Koch G36 Schnittmodell” in German. (Source)
    Broken down in parts:
    Below: Here you can see the piston. It almost looks like a 5,56×45 round.

    All pictures from IEA Mil-Optics GmbH.

    There are more individual, transparent parts available in this link.

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    Like the Heckler and Koch G36? There are more pictures of the G36K A4 version here.

    There is also a transparent Heckler & Koch MP7, check it out.

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