POTD: The new CZ BREN 2 MS Pistol

    Today’s Photo Of The Day is a sneak peak at the upcoming CZ BREN MS Pistol.

    The CZ BREN Pistol configuration will be available in two different chamberings.

    You can chose from calibers 5.56 or 7.62×39, available in different barrel lengths and a modular handguard.

    The top picture is a 7,62×39 with a short barrel. Below you (almost) look into a short 5,56×45 mm. It looks like a well made rifle, sorry pistol.

    Below: CZ USA. Kansas City.

    “It’s a pistol!”

    Below: A CZ Bren 2 MS Pistol in 5,56×45 and a long barrel.

    All pictures from CZ USA.

    At the time of writing there were very few details available, so please check TFB’s article on the new BREN 2 MS Semi-Auto┬áRifles.