L.A. Gang Member Builds Underground Shooting Range, Loves Guns More Than Most of You Do

    Have you ever been so passionate about a hobby that you’ve alienated friends, hurt yourself professionally, or even lost a spouse over it? That’s cool and all, but have you ever violated numerous state and federal laws and built an underground bunker just so you could enjoy your favorite pastime without intervention from pesky neighbors or law enforcement? Now that’s true dedication.

    A Californian gang member apparently reached these heights, and like an Ice Cube Icarus, he flew so close to the sun that even Gucci sunglasses and a White Sox hat couldn’t shield him: Apparently, this criminal/extreme firearms enthusiast built a fully functioning gun range beneath a manhole cover in his basement and, to be honest, I’ve probably paid to shoot at shittier ranges than the one this gun fancier built in his own home:

    Of course, he was caught and arrested for gun charges and the range was discovered. Now, whether or not unauthorized excavation is a crime in California is anyone’s guess, but I think you need a permit to mow your own grass in Cali, so he’s probably going to answer to the zoning board and face some scathing fines and citations after the Justice Department and the Angeles County DA gets through with him.

    Two of my favorite things about this article (other than the sandbag-lined, manhole-covered Ninja Turtle shooting range, of course) is 1) When law enforcement units try to pick edgy acronymed names and they end up being something that sounds FREAKIN SWEET like, in this instance, “S.M.A.S.H.” Some sergeant worked REALLY hard to pick words that probably have almost no relationship to the actual function of the unit just so it would spell SMASH, and now when they arrest California gang members they wonder why the perps are like “lol lemme smash lol” when they get arrested.

    Second, I always love how media outlets say “he was arrested with THOUSANDS of rounds of ammunition and EVEN A 100 ROUND CLIP DRUM” like that makes you the Lord of War. If you law abiding TFB readers have less than 10,000 rounds and just one drum, you need to get right and hit up Brownells post haste.

    Finally, everyone jokes about “oops boat accidents” when the “inevitable” New World Order takes charge and starts seizing guns but no one really will go that far. In the meantime, Eazy-E here is behind enemy lines building sewer ranges and dangling 100 round drums in SMASH’s faces.

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