FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Weapon Laser And Light Feng Shui

    Welcome back to Friday Night Lights – our weekly discussion of everything Lights, Lasers and Night Vision. This week we will take a look at the spatial relationship of your light and laser, a sort of “laser/light feng shui”.

    For those not familiar with feng shui, it is a Chinese pseudo-science that believes the physical positioning of objects yields positive results with regards to luck, fortune and health. Practicing some laser/light feng shui can help you manipulate your firearm better. Or it could just be all in your head just like the real feng shui.

    For some, slapping a laser and a light on your gun is pretty straight forward. Put the laser at 12 o’clock and the light at 3 o’clock. However, some setups don’t allow for the light and laser to sit next to each other harmoniously. This could be due to the shape and size of the light as well as your handguard. I know my B.E. Meyers MAWL-C1+ and Streamlight Protac HLX are not the best of buddies. Due to their design, they constantly fight each other for dominance over rail space. One gets in the way of the other and I end up having to shift one of them forwards and the other rearward.

    Haley Strategic Feng Shui

    Image Credit: Haley Strategic

    Haley Strategic’s Thorntail has always been designed to better place a SureFire Scoutlight on a firearm often positioning the light offset at a 45-degree angle and as far forward as possible. Their latest Thorntail 6 was developed with lasers in mind. They collaborated with Impact Weapons Components to make a single mount that allows a Scoutlight six different positions. In the photo below, you can see how close the light gets to the PEQ15 laser.

    Haley Strategic Feng Shui

    Image Credit: Haley Strategic

    Looking at the photo above, I am not sure why the light couldn’t be mounted on the side. While it does not look as cool, it would work.

    Noveske Laser Light Mount

    Image Credit: Novekse

    Image Credit: Novekse


    Something new is coming from Noveske Rifleworks. Eric of Echo Arms helped design a new PEQ15 light mount. As you can see in the video above, the light mount replaces the clamp on the PEQ15 for an integrated single-cell Scoutlight compatible body. Just add an M300 Scoutlight head and Scoutlight tail cap. Right now they have only shown the PEQ15 light mount but Noveske’s Instagram mentions they will be making a light mount for DBAL lasers. Since the Noveske light mount is a single-cell, it will not work with a 2x cell M600 Scoutlight head or the M600DF heads. It has to be a 3V M300 style head. However, if you have a single cell extension, then you could add a second CR123 and use a 6v M600 Scoutlight head.

    I must warn you though, according to Augee Kim of TNVC, the mount of an ATPIAL laser is not a replaceable item. So removing will void your warranty. If you are running a gray market PEQ15 then you already can’t get a warranty on your laser so swapping the mount won’t matter. But if you have the civilian ATPIAL-C, then swapping the mount will void your warranty.

    Unity Tactical Lego Micro Hub

    Unity Tactical’s Micro Hub is like Legos or an erector set. It is a modular system that allows the end user to build their ideal sight and illumination setup. The Micro Hub is a simple base that mounts to Picatinny. The top surface allows for a compatible front sight or you can direct mount a Steiner DBAL laser. The Micro Hub has an offset wing that you can attach an offset light to. It is designed to work with SureFire Scoutlights but they have Picatinny rails for other light options.

    In all honesty, there is not much reason to chase after this goal of “how close can I get my light and laser together”. There is only one practical reason and that is for reducing the possibility of a snag hazard. I could see this being a priority for someone who spends a lot of time using their rifle indoors or with a lot of gear. The only other reason to choose one of these Feng Shui options is if your light and laser are just incompatible. Like my MAWL and Streamlight don’t work well on a slim handguard. So being able to slightly shift the light down would make it fit better.

    The Unity Tactical Micro Hub has been out for a while, while the Noveske light mount and Thorntail 6 are coming out later this year. No mention of price on the Noveske or Thorntail, so check their websites or social media for more info.

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