KNS Precision SNAPFOOT Bipod Feet Adapter System

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    KNS Precision came up with another simple yet ingenious product. This time it is a system of bipod feet adapters that they showcased at SHOT Show 2019. This system is called SNAPFOOT. It represents a set of leg and feet adapters that allow making Harris, Atlas and Magpul bipod feet cross-compatible.

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    The leg adapters are the aluminum cylindrical serrated parts that attach to one of the mentioned three bipods in place of their original feet. On the other side, these adapters have a cavity with a rubber O-ring inside it. The actual feet adapters to which different feet are attached represent small chess pawn shaped parts. The way these two adapters work is that the spherical head of the pawn-shaped part (with the foot attached to its base) is simply pressed into the cylindrical leg adapter until it snaps in place.

    The rubber O-ring attachment may sound too flimsy, however, according to the company officials, they spent quite a bit of engineering time to come up with proper geometry and tension of this mechanism to ensure a solid and secure attachment. I tried to attach and remove the feet multiple times and they seem to have just right tension. They are tight enough not to fall off even if you bump the bipod as hard as you can trying to make inertia remove them. At the same time, it is possible to remove the feet applying a moderate amount of pulling force.

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    Now let’s think about why do we even need such adapters? Well, there can be at least three reasons. First, your favorite bipod may not have the feet you need and by using these adapters you can borrow feet from other bipods. Second, if you have been a fan of a certain brand and have bought a ton of different feet for that particular brand of bipods, but now you want to try other brands, you’ll have the ability to use your feet collection on your new bipod of a different brand. And third, with this system, you have quick detachable feet. You can even use the adapter with one of the bipods and its original feet for the sake of the QD feature.

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    The KNS Precision SNAPFOOT adapter system should be available for purchase within a couple of weeks. The estimated MSRP is $75 for Harris and Magpul adapters and $90 for the Atlas adapter kit. Although some of the adapters are shown with a red anodized finish, they will be initially available in black color.

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