Department of Defense Procures Barrett MRAD in .300 PRC


    Barrett MRAD (Barrett)

    The US Department of Defense has confirmed the procurement of Barrett Firearms Manufacturing’s MRAD precision rifle chambered in .300 PRC from Hornady.

    The MRAD is currently offered in .338 Lapua Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum, .308 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum, 6.5 Creedmoor and 260 Remington. The Department of Defense contract marks the first time the bolt action MRAD has been offered in .300 PRC. The contract is for an undisclosed number of rifles, with the requirement for the rifle emerging from the Advanced Sniper Rifle program, to replace current SOCOM sniper rifles.

    Here’s Barrett’s brief statement on the contract:

    Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc., the leader in long range, has been awarded a contract from the US Department of Defense to provide an undisclosed number of MRAD rifle systems chambered in a new caliber – 300 PRC. The MRAD’s robust design, user modularity and unfailing accuracy combined with the new cartridge designed by Hornady, offer an unbeatable system for long range effectiveness.

    The .300 Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC) chambered MRAD weighs around 12 to 13 pounds depending on barrel length, has a folding stock and a 10 round magazine. Ammunition manufacturer Hornady has been contracted to produce the new ammunition with Scott Javins, Hornady’s Law Enforcement & Military Product Manager saying:

    We’re thrilled to be able to do our part to support our military members by providing a superior cartridge that will enhance their capabilities on the battlefield. Over a 10-year development process, we packed all of our knowledge and experience into designing the 300 PRC as a cartridge that will not only win matches and bring home that trophy elk, but also meet the needs of the best-of-the-best within the Department of Defense. This contract confirms that we’ve met or exceeded their requirements for a new small arms ammunition solution for extended range engagements.

    The new round and rifle is effective out to 2,000 yards and passed a rigorous evaluation process which saw it outperform .300 Norma Magnum.

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