Snigel Design – New Weapon Sling System

    This is Snigel Design‘s first appearance here at TFB (well almost).

    Where does the strange name come from? The company is located in Sweden and in Swedish a snail is called “snigel”. “The snail is the creature that lives in the forest and always carries its house on its back. The name symbolizes what we started to develop backpacks for forestry. Now we have moved on and the snail also symbolizes the shield that protects it.
    Snigel Design specializes in product development for Police and Military use.
    According to Snigel Design’s homepage they supply to the Swedish National Police Board as well as to the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV), a number of specialist associations and stakeholder forces around Europe, and the FBI.
    They now have a new Weapon Sling System, version 1.0.


    The new system is described as:

    A very comfortable, flexible, fast, accessible and safe way to carry a weapon.

    With a vest strap mounted on the vest the weapon can be carried fastened to the vest. This takes the uncomfortable load off the neck common with ordinary weapon slings.

    The sling is adjustable in both ends.
    The system includes two vest straps, which can be attached at each shoulder. The weapon can then be carried hanging centered or at one shoulder, right or left.

    The weapon sling system enables several different ways to carry a weapon.

    1. As a standard rifle sling, with the shoulder pad and the two attachment straps, mounted in the weapon’s front and rear part.

    2. With a vest strap on the right or left shoulder on the vest. One attachment strap mounted in the rear of the weapon, and then attached to the vest strap.

    3. With a vest strap on the right and the left shoulder of the vest. Both the attachment straps mounted in the rear of the weapon, and then attached in the vest straps. Now the weapon hangs centered on the chest.

    4. Attachments straps mounted in the shoulder pad and then both fastened in the weapon’s rear part; Now the weapon hangs around the neck in a loop. The weapon can be folded up and the elastic string pulled around the barrel or other part of the weapon to secure it when skiing or shooting with a section weapon. NOTE-do not do this if the barrel is hot, the elastic string may melt.

    The system can be attached in two different ways, either silent, in the weapon with the sewn loops as below.

    Or flexible with carabiner hooks.

    The FNC or Ak5, used by The Swedish Armed Forces.

    The weight is 200 grams, approximately 7 ounces.

    It is available in black, grey and Multicam.

    The price is just below 100 USD (converted from Swedish Kronor).

    You can find a direct link to the new Snigel sling here. (you can change the webshop’s language to English).

    Eric B

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