UMAREX Announces Expanded License with Smith & Wesson


    UMAREX's Smith & Wesson Mod. 686 (UMAREX)

    Smith & Wesson have agreed to expand their licensing agreement with German airgun and airsoft manufacturer Umarex. Umarex have been a licensed partner of Smith & Wesson for over 20 years, originally partnering back in 1996 to produce replica BB and pellet guns of weapons made by Smith & Wesson. The new license will see the range made by Umarex to include new airsoft weapons and paintball guns.

    Umarex currently produce licensed airsoft and pellet firing versions of guns from a range of gunmakers including Beretta, Browning, Colt, Elite Force, Glock, Heckler & Koch. We recently reported that SIG Sauer has decided to end their licensing agreements with manufacturers and establish their own line, SIG AIR.

    Eyck Pflaumer, the managing partner of UMAREX, said in a press release that:

    We are very excited to further expand our license relationship with Smith & Wesson into the airsoft and paintball category. The Smith & Wesson brand is an iconic brand enjoying worldwide reputation. We are proud and honored to be Smith & Wesson’s partner since 1996. As the leading manufacturer and provider of replica airguns, we will give the new Smith & Wesson airsoft and paintball lines our utmost attention to please enthusiasts worldwide.

    The new products will include new 6mm airsoft guns and .43 caliber paintball guns. Some of these were on display at this year’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Umarex USA’s Elite Force Airsoft and Training 4 Engagement sales teams were on hand to answer questions.

    National Sales Manager for Umarex USA’s Elite Force airsoft division, Cliff Eisenbarger, said, “Our quality, consistency, and service has set airsoft industry standards to a whole new level and with the addition of Smith & Wesson to our strong assortment of licensed brands, we will continue to dominate the replica airsoft gaming market in six millimeter.

    You can find out more about Umarex’s Smith & Wesson and other lines over on their website.

    Matthew Moss

    Matthew Moss – Assistant Editor.

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