New Tools from Fix It Sticks

    It’s remarkable, but TFB has not covered Fix It Sticks until now.

    To the best of my knowledge, back in 2013, they started as a popular Kickstarter campaign and successfully came to market with a clever modular tool system. A lot of cyclists use them, but their bits and tools can be used for firearms, too.

    I have been using and evaluating the Spuhr Fix It Sticks kit for a few months, and it’s been a great help for getting the scope mounts on and off, with the right torque. Without it, you’re never going to get the right torque. Upon checking, the screws on my mounts were always (much) too loose or sat too hard.

    The Fix It Sticks are a big help here, bringing this puzzle together with the right torque.

    With the release of their new accessory bits, it’s about time to introduce the company.

    The new bits are currently on pre-order, but they are shipping around mid-February.

    Please note that you need the stick to be able to use these accessories.

    Shooting Add-On Bit Pack ($36.00)

    Five of our Accessory Bits in one Pack:

    1911 Bushing Tool

    Universal Choke Tube Wrench

    Glock Front Sight Tool

    Aimpoint Bit

    3/8″ Adjustment Wrench

    Below: Glock Front Sight Tool

    And the Choke Tube Wrench below.

    1911 Bushing Tool

    Fix It Aimpoint Bit ($10.00)

    Custom bit designed to aid in the adjustment of Aimpoint Sights.

    Aimpoint Adjustment Bit

    • Two prong design specifically works with the windage and elevation adjustment knobs.
    • Semi-circular wings designed to fit “coin-slot” style adjustment knobs/battery covers.
    • Molded synthetic polymer won’t mar or scratch the finish of the sight.
    • Metal ¼” Hex Base allows it to work with any ¼” driver
    • Integrates perfectly with Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition and T-Way Wrench for field/travel use.


    I guess the possibilities are endless, here’s another example.

    Custom Bit designed to turn your Fix It Sticks into a portable knife/broadhead sharpener.

    Knife Sharpener

    • Has both ceramic and carbide V-Style sharpeners
    • Both are set at 22.5 degrees for a 45-degree inclusive angle
    • Works with any standard 1/4” driver
    • Integrates perfectly with Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition and T-Way Wrench for field/travel use.

    NOTE: Fix It Sticks Not Included



    Their AR-15 Tool Kit with Soft Case seems like a perfect buy for anyone who owns such a rifle.

    If you are at SHOT SHOW stop by their booth in the NEXT Area, Booth N334, where they will show all their new products.

    Eric B

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