Kel-Tec’s Single Tube KS7 and CP33 Pistol

    Some new photos popped up on Facebook of Kel-Tec’s newest firearms. They are coming out with their new KS7 bullpup shotgun and a pistol version of the CMR-30 called the CP33

    All New Bullpup KS7

    At first glance the KS7 looks like an updated KSG. It is still a bullpup with a lot of similarities to the KSG. However it is sporting a polymer carry handle sight in lieu of the metal top rail found on the KSG. The pump fore grip has been changed with molded ergonomic handstops. One update, which was lacking in the KSG, are MLOK slots for adding accessories. I am not sure about the position of them though. Chad Enos, of Kel-Tec, has confirmed that the side slots in the carry handle are MLOK slots. As well as the ones in the foregrip. But look at where they are positioned. The MLOK slots above the area where you would grasp the pump grip is high and near the back of the grip above the rear hand stop. Then there are two more slots all the way back. The slots in the carry handle are very high. This would make light and laser activation cumbersome.

    Probably the largest difference is that this is not a twin tube setup like the KSG. It is a single tube shotgun that holds seven 12 ga shells. I am not sure why they shrunk the KSG to a single tube but it will be lighter and easier to wield for those with smaller hands. Hope the carry handle will allow for an optic to be mounted as I prefer shooting the KSG with a red dot.

    CP33 The Pistol CMR-30, Sort Of

    The CMR-30 is, as you may well know by now, Kel-Tec’s .22WMR carbine. It has similar features like that of an H&K MP7. When the CMR-30 first came out, people wanted a pistol version. While the PMR-30 is a pistol chambered in .22WMR and uses the same magazines as the CMR-30, it is not the same. The PMR-30 has a typical reciprocating slide and most importantly, you cannot suppress the PMR-30. Sure you could chop the barrel down of the CMR-30 and SBR it, but for some NFA is not possible so a pistol version of the CMR-30 would be great.

    In the photo above you can see some significant changes between the CP33 to the CMR-30. For one it does not have the collapsing stock. Let’s hope a collapsing brace is available in the future. More importantly, the CP33 has a different charging handle design. The CMR-30 has ambidextrous forward charging handles. But the CP33 looks like it has a charging handle in the same position of an H&K MP7, near the top rear of the upper receiver.

    The other major change are the magazines. These are transparent. Also the name is CP33, could this mean the magazines hold 33 rounds? According to Oleg Volk, the CP33 is a .22LR pistol. NOT a .22WMR pistol. So while it looks like a pistol version of the CMR-30, it is not. However just like the CMR-30, you can suppress the CP33.

    Hopefully we will see these at Shot Show Industry Day At the Range and get some trigger time behind these new offerings by Kel-Tec.

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