[SHOT 2019] TINY Thompson Machine Suppressors (Larger Ones Too)

    Thompson Machine suppressors

    Good evening everyone and welcome back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday… Wait, that’s not right, my brain must be mush from SHOT. With our our winning team of writers and videographers who pulled long days, interviewing hundreds of companies and writing thousands of words, I was lucky enough to be able to focus on a just a handful of companies, most of whom manufacture suppressors. And one of my favorite stops every year is to the guys at Thompson Machine Suppressors, who always seem like they are having too much fun to actually be working. But, from the looks of their lineup, they’ve been burning candle at both ends.

    Being the silencer nerd that I am, the TINY from Thompson mated to a pocket pistol Beretta Tomcat, definitely has my attention. While the TINY is designed as a 9mm can, the .32ACP host combination can be purchased as a package directly from Thompson. The Crawfordville, Florida based company is overhauling their website, so expect details, pricing and additional images to be available shortly. Think of the TINY as a half-sized Poseidon – a monocore, wiped silencer that performs best when run wet (that’s what she…).

    [SHOT 2019] Tiny Thompson Machine Suppressors (Larger Ones Too)

    Thompson Machine PCC-SD

    Another awesome little package being offered by Thompson is the PCC-SD, a integrally suppressed Ruger PCC that preserves all its features and functionality, including the takedown aspects. With its large internal volume, I’m guessing the PCC-SD is very, very quiet. It is sold as a complete package.

    Thompson Machine Bond9 – Bond Arms Pistols

    Last year we reported on a neat mounting system for a Thompson silencer on a Bond Arms Bullpup BP9 pistol. This year the mount has been redesigned as a left handed thread on attachment with slip-style rotation device. As the pistol is fired, the silencer self-tightens to a point, then freely rotates to prevent over tightening. Slick. In previous testing, the BP9 would hammer-drill the silencer onto the barrel.

    Thompson Machine SG2-K

    Somewhat reminiscent of the MK9K silencer (rest in peace), Thompson is introducing a K-sized 9mm sub-gun can. Thompson’s SG2 is a performer and its little sibling should be no different.

    Backup Tactical Threaded Barrels

    Housed in the same booth, It’s always good to catch up with my friends at Backup Tactical. Their GLOCK threaded barrels are top notch.

    Thompson collaborates with Paint Werkz in Phoenix, Arizona on some detailed and creative builds. Check them out.


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