[SHOT 2019] NEW STI International Blasters & the John Wick 3 Gun

    john wick

    We all know that STI International has some outrageous pistols (we mean that as a compliment, by the way) because not only are their firearms spooky accurate, but they have futuristic looks that could kill. All of this was dialed up a notch at SHOT Show 2019 when they introduced 3 new models including the overwhelming crowd favorite “John Wick” gun. STI had on hand the exact pistol used in filming the John Wick: Chapter 3 movie coming out this May. As a result, it drew a lot of buzz to their booth, but first let’s check out the other 2 new models introduced.

    sti international 2011 staccato-p

    The STI International Staccato-P is proudly proclaimed as the world’s best shooting duty gun, and with the specification list that this sidearm boasts it makes a strong case for that title. The complete specification listing can be read below as presented by STI International:

    • 4.15″ Bull Barrel
    • Black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Finish
    • 4.5 Lbs Trigger w/ Ambi Safety Levers
    • Dawson Precision Perfect Impact® Sights
    • Fiber Optic Front Sight & Stealth Charger Rear
    • Gen II 2011® Double Stack Grip
    • Recoil Master, Tactical Slim Magwell, 1913 Railed Frame
    • Calibers: 9mm or .45 ACP

    This pistol has an MSRP of $1,999 currently. Although it may be a narrow niche for shooters who could be interested it offers a lot of strong features for anyone who may want one.

    john wick

    sti international 2011 staccato-c 9mm

    This pistol has an equally edgy proclamation as being the world’s best shooting carry gun (in STI’s own words). The Staccato-C is very similar to the aforementioned Staccato-P in appearance and feel, but overall everything about the Staccato-C is a bit smaller. The frame is more narrow, the barrel is shorter, and it is a lighter firearm for dedicated carry. The rest of specs can be read below as presented by STI:

    • 3.9″ Barrel
    • Black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Finish
    • 2 – 8 Round Magazines
    • 3.5 Lbs. Trigger w/ Ambi Safety Levers
    • Dawson Precision Perfect Impact® Sights
    • Fiber Optic Front & Stealth Charger Rear
    • NEW 2011® Single Stack Carry Grip
    • Weight 25.6 Ounces
    • Recoil Master, Railed Aluminum Frame
    • MSRP $1,495

    john wick

    taran tactical innovations john wick combat master package

    This is the pistol that everyone was clamoring about! The pistol you will see Keanu Reeves ripping through bad guys in the John Wick: Chapter 3 movie coming out in May is THIS gun. It is important to note that the John Wick Combat Master Package is an ‘upgrade package.’ You are not actually buying a gun from Taran Tactical. You will need to send in your own Glock 34 Gen3. A Glock 34 Gen4 will not work because it does not have enough material in the frame for some of the custom upgrades. Also, the Joh Wick pistol photographed in this article is NOT a Glock, it is an STI 2011 pistol with the Combat Master Package upgrades done to it.

    Also, at this time you are looking at a lead time of 20-24 weeks to receive your very own Combat Master Package pistol. A good way to look at it is if you send in a firearm now, you may have it in time for the release of the movie! The components and specs you would be receiving are as follows as presented by Taran Tactical Innovations:

    • Tactical Matte Black Slide Finish
    • Ionbonded Bronze Barrel
    • Competition Trigger Job
    • Full Wrap Stipple – Right Handed
    • Scallop Cut Magazine Release
    • Single Undercut
    • TTI Competition Magwell for Gen 3/4 Glock
    • TTI Fiberoptic Sights Green
    • Flat Black Base Pads
    • Laser Engraved TTI Logo
    • MSRP $1,499

    john wick

    So between all three of these awesome space blaster pistols, which one would you like to add to your collection? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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