[SHOT 2019] Spartan Precision Equipment (lightweight and field functional)

    Picture courtesy of Spartan Javelin Bipod facebook page.

    As an assistant mountain goat guide in Southeast Alaska there were two traits I really appreciated about certain hunters, being able to shoot accurately and packing light.  The gear from Spartan Precision Equipment is oriented towards both of those virtues.  To help hunters achieve a more stable shooting platform Spartan has produced quick attach bipods and tripods.  The quick attack function is achieved with a slip collar and rare earth magnets.  This creates a very positive lockup.

    Javelin Bipod weighs in at 5.2oz

    All of the Spartan products are designed to be as light as possible without sacrificing function, this is done by utilizing 7000 series aluminum and carbon fiber since both are lightweight yet strong materials.  The photo below shows exactly how strong the components are.

    Rob Gearing the founder trusts his gear.

    Another method of keeping the weight down in a hunting system is utilizing items that fill multiple roles.  The boys over at Spartan Precision Equipment have taken this to a whole new level.  Pictured below Is the “hub” of their tripod.  The legs can be removed and used as trekking poles while getting to the glassing or shooting position.  Even more impressive The complete tripod can be used as the frame for their ultralight tent.

    The tent on the left utilizes Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF) and weighs in at a svelte 19.4 oz.

    The tripod hub uses threads common to the whole system and has an integral ballhead.

    Trekking poles and tents are nice, but in that crucial moment lethal accuracy is required.  Of course, the previously mentioned bipod helps, but if the 2 legs are good 5 have to be better.  The image below shows the “Pent System” which provides support for the rifle both fore and aft.  While sitting and kneeling behind this setup it was nearly bench rest stable.


    For prices, weights or to see what else Spartan Precision Equipment has to offer check out their website here: https://javelinbipod.com/