[SHOT 2019] Robinson Armaments Offers Competition Rifle

    Robinson Armaments is coming out with a variant of their XCR-L line that they were displaying at SHOT 2019, the XCR-L Competition. The difference between this XCR-L and the standard line is mainly a number of lightening cuts that were done to the Picatinny optics rail, similar to many cuts done to AR15s in the competition world. In addition the compensator has been changed out for a sleeker version with 4 gas ports on either side of the compensator. The variant on display here was unfinished so future versions will most likely be black in color. Apart from some unique and racy color schemes and paint jobs, Robinson Armaments has usually not entered into the competition field with any of their rifles in previous years but this might mark a different trend if successful.

    Notice the front Picatinny section for the front sight, the rest has been cut off to save weight. Having attachments such as lights and lasers on the rail isn’t necessary in competition -Miles V, SHOT 2019

    -Miles V, SHOT 2019

    At the booth was Jalise Williams, who along with her sister is a top competitive shooter in USPSA and Multigun. She was using this particular XCR-L rifle while competing for various competitions. Jalise mentioned the lighter weight of the XCR-L as being very useful when competing in 3-Gun competitions.

    A post from the Robinson Armaments social media page showing Jalise Williams using their XCR-L rifle while in competition.

    Jalise Williams a USPSA and MultiGun title holder, holds her Robinson Armaments rifle up for the camera. She was able to be at the booth all day and the day afterwards -Miles V, SHOT 2019

    The compensator is different than production pieces -Miles V, SHOT 2019

    Robinson Armaments is still using Keymod on their designs, not transitioning to the M-Lok revolution yet.-Miles V, SHOT 2019


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