[SHOT 2019] KÄGWERKS Chest Mounted Options and Robust Cases

    -Miles V, SHOT 2019

    KÄGWERKS is a Washington State-based company that produces field case solutions for electronic devices so that they can be used in the field under rough use. Their cases are mostly centered around Android systems as this is what the majority of the end users/clients are using when it comes to electronic devices that are being used in the field. Right now the company has been working within SOCOM for many of their deliveries, but many of their products are available for commercial sale as well.

    The KÄGWERKS Nav Board probably got the most attention while at their display stand. The board consists of a folding flexible polymer piece in which a phone, compass, and GPS are all clipped into. The intent is for free fall troops to be able to navigate while jumping. -Miles V, SHOT 2019

    -Miles V, SHOT 2019

    The case is for a Samsung phone, clipped into a chest mount, in the down position. -Miles V, SHOT 2019

    This is a Microsoft tablet that has been clasped shut against a keyboard-Miles V, SHOT 2019

    -Miles V, SHOT 2019

    -Miles V, SHOT 2019

    This allows the screen to be stood up on a table. The small stub within the black square on the back of the tablet allows the tablet to be clipped into an opposite block such as one that could be mounted within a vehicle-Miles V, SHOT 2019

    The company is also coming out with this extended slide release for Glock handguns. The release is made so that a shooter can have a high, firm pistol grip and have it not interfere with the slide release during the operation of the handgun. The release is available on their website for purchase right now. Seeing that many hand grips these days are going higher up on the handgun in order to control follow-on shots better, this slide release is accommodating that trend.

    -Miles V, SHOT 2019

    Notice how the release is extended higher and further to the rear-Miles V, SHOT 2019

    This brochure gives a good idea of high it can be.-Miles V, SHOT 2019


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