BCM Europearms – Bullpup with 40” and 50” long barrels

    It’s not everyday that the Italian company BCM Europearms appear here at TFB, but they did already in 2012 with their “Extreme” rifles and SPAR Straight-pull AR-15s.

    With the appearance of their 40″ and 50″ barrels in .416 Barret and .460 Steyr respectively it is time again.

    I don’t know if there is a record for the longest barrel in a bullpup rifle, but I consider both 40″ and 50″ long barrels to be to the extreme.

    50″ is 127 centimeters, for readers who are more familiar with the metric system.

    Today I completed the rifle for a customer, double Barrel: one in Cal. 416 Barret 40 “long and the other in Cal. 460 Steyr 50 “long


    Below: The muzzle brake is no joke, it seems to be larger than the man’s shoe.

    Why these odd calibers? One explanation could be that the user is located in a country (or State) where military calibers are forbidden (Hint: Italy, but perhaps also California).

    About the calibers:

    .416 Barret (Source)

    The .416 Barrett or 10.6×83mm centerfire rifle cartridge is a proprietary bottlenecked centrefire rifle cartridge designed in 2005. It is an alternative to the .50 BMG in long-range high-power rifles. The metric size is 10.6×83mm.


    .460 Steyr (Source)

    The .460 Steyr was designed by Horst Grillmayer (Austria) in 2002 and the cartridge was co-developed by Steyr to provide superb ultra-long-range ballistics with less recoil than the .50 BMG.  Like the .50 BMG, the .460 Steyr can launch bullets that stay supersonic well past 1,500 meters. The projectiles were designed by Guido Wasser (Switzerland). The production of the rifle and cartridge started in 2004 and the .460 Steyr was a way to offer an ultra-long range, sporting/sniper rifle and cartridge in jurisdictions which banned 50-caliber rifles. As with the .416 Barrett cartridge, the .460 Steyr cartridge was developed by shortening and necking down the .50 BMG case; however the .460 Steyr is longer than the 416 Barrett.

    You can find BCM Europearms on Facebook here.

    Their homepage is available here: http://www.bcmeuropearms.it/Home.html

    Eric B

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