[SHOT 2019] TBA Suppressors – Quiet Integral Magic

    TBA suppressors

    Rumors of the death of the integral silencer are greatly exaggerated. If you remember back about a year ago, TFB traveled down to Southern Virginia to visit TBA Suppressors, a manufacturer that prides itself in the production of magically quiet integrally suppressed weapons. I was impressed at the clean lines and performance of TBA’s Sicario Ruger MKIV. So much so that I decided to invest in one of my own this year – and regular readers of my reviews (if there are any) will note that I am very careful in the places I decide to spend my gun money.

    But the beauty of the Sicario is that, with the addition of the SIC adapter described below, the integral pistol becomes a thread-on silencer ready for other hosts in about a minute. I’ve got some neat testing planned out for TBA’s Sicario – comparisons with other Ruger pistols with thread on silencers and metering of the stand alone can itself. With all its internal volume, I’m guessing it should rank pretty high. Now all we need is for the ATF NFA Division to cooperate with my timelines.

    Details, information and links can be found below.

    [SHOT 2019] TBA Suppressors – Integral Quiet Magic

    TBA Suppressors Sicario – NEW MKIV


    Sicario is the new and improved version of our QAS line of integral silencers for 2017. We went back to the CAD program and after 28 monocore designs emerged a PATENT PENDING 2 piece quick detach integral that is not only quieter than its predecessor but comes apart for cleaning in about 30 seconds. No more tedious parts to manage! Although the end cap is broached for an allen wrench like the remainder of our designs, there is no allen wrench required as you can use the factory magazine to disassemble the entire suppressor. The monocore is constructed from 2024T351 aluminum and TYPE III anodized for a lifetime of use. There is also a stainless insert in the rear of it that will not fatigue. Alignment on your weapon is easy with our new Patent Pending “fast attach 28” thread mount system. Fluting is in now included on all silencers at no additional cost to you.

    What is the SIC adapter? I dont understand what is does? Is this what makes the Sicario a multi use Silencer? YES! Not only is the Sicario the worlds best Integral silencer, it is the only Multi platform host. The threadless tube design with the SIC adapter allows you to remove your Sicario from its host MKIV™ or 22/45 platform and make it a screw on .22 rimfire silencer that will fit any .22 host that is threaded 1/2 x 28tpi.

    New for 2018 we have upgraded the design of our 44 Mag SD to now be a completely user serviceable rifle. The front 6″ tube is pinned and welded on making the barrel length 16″. The tube is also removable now since this upgrade gets away from the SBR requirement.  The front monocore screws directly on the barrel for cleaning if you don’t want to remove the entire tube. The best part is that this upgrade makes this model the quietest one on the market coming in at the low 120db sound reduction range. This is quieter than a lot of silenced 22 rimfires. Titanium core models are available for those who want to use supersonic ammunition for an additional charge.

    TBA Suppressors MP15SD


    The MP15SD is built on the popular MP15/22 platform. This model utilizes a pinned on “backdraft” monocore design to a 12.5” barrel that leaves you with the same factory length host weapon. The end cap is broached for a 1/4″ allen wrench that we provide for you and with just a few turns the entire tube and end cap comes off, making this the quietest and most user friendly integral on the market. The monocore is constructed from 2024T351 aluminum and TYPE III anodized for a lifetime of use and is pinned and welded to the barrel so the weapon will NOT have to be registered as a short barrel rifle. The tube is 2024T3 aluminum and is Type III anodized as well and this application only adds 2oz. to the weapon. The barrel has minimal porting and functions flawlessly with all types of standard and high velocity ammunition.

    TBA Suppressors Trooper 22


    Our design utilizes a 16.25″ barrel that has been re-crowned with an 11 degree target crown and the tube is removable for cleaning. The barrel is ported to utilize high velocity ammunition while keeping the bullet speed just below subsonic. We send a chronograph sheet with every gun built listing the average speeds with 3 different ammunition choices. The gray tube on the VBZ model has been powder coated to match the original color of the receiver. If you’re not a fan of the Ruger platform, this integral design can be built on any type of rifle you prefer. Photos of other models can be seen in our photo gallery.


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