[SHOT 2019] Victor Company not just for .22lr

    New Victor Co. forend in "El Chappo" gold.

    Victor Company has been around since 2010.  In that time they have been big supporters of precision rifle events, sponsoring numerous Snipers Hide Cups and Competition Dynamics events.  The owner, Michael Victor, is himself an avid long-range shooter and competitor.  So it makes sense that the products coming out of Victor Company are designed to meet a need for the end-user not just make a buck.

    Hammer Rail:

    The Hammer rail was designed to be an easy drop-in replacement for the factory AIAX forend.  It is 13 inches long, weighs 9.5oz, has M-lok slots and an ARCA swiss dovetail along the bottom

    AIAX replacement handgaurd


    ATW (Atlas Tension Wrench)

    Can’t get enough torque on the tension knob of your Atlas bipod?  Tired of having that pesky ball head pan around?  The ATW will allow you to completely lock down the tension knob or give you just enough leverage to set it at the point where it won’t work loose during a stage.   It may seem like a simple solution, but hey sometimes the simple ones are the best ones, and it is very clean and well executed.

    Atlas Tensioning Wrench

    Titan 10-22 Stock and Inserts

    The Titan stock is quickly becoming a staple at .22lr matches across the country.  Its ergonomics and build quality lead to improved accuracy.  Another accuracy enhancer is the insert system they have created, which allows a second action screw to anchor the rear of the action.  The single connection point between the action and the stock has always been a weakness of the 10-22.  With the new inserts, there is a tension option, a hard mount option (requiring some light gunsmithing) and a gunsmith free option with a threaded spike that pushes down and forward on the rear of the action. Any of these will provide more rigidity to the action stock interface.

    10-22 Stock

    10-22 Stock Inserts

    Universal Cheekrest

    Another key component to accuracy is the user interface.  It is essential to have the eye properly aligned behind the scope.  The Universal Cheekrest kit helps with this. While it was designed to be used in conjunction with the Titan 1022 stock the kit will fit a wide variety of stocks.  It is a simple bolt-on that comes with everything needed for installation except the drill.  The included spacer system allows for four levels of height adjustment.  I personally use these on all of my rifles that are still in their factory stocks.  It is a quick and simple solution that looks much classier than duct tape and sleeping mat foam.

    Cheek rest


    For more information about Victor Co. and their products visit http://victorcompanyusa.com/index.html